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Thread: Crom Premade Results!

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    Well am stubbard and go guild only, but good fun.

    Pugs are getting on my tits.

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    i didnt have enough people in guild for making a guild-only team, so i gathered up some friends so we could get theese premades going. It is afterall alot more fun than pugs =)
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    Nice video but I must admit its cute that amneru only uploads those minigames where he got the best kd.
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    just a frag machine
    several white crited hit around 1500k-1900k
    7 from 10 combo finishers are crited

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyyr View Post
    Nice video but I must admit its cute that amneru only uploads those minigames where he got the best kd.
    Its also cute you bring the best players on the server for these premades everytime.

    I thought you ran a pvp guild.

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    to tell the truth Amneru always have a best kd

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    Lol Amneru dont even switch stance to def while he is get chain cc, he just doesnt need it! TBH i think there is nothing to be proud to get best k/d on all-maxed conq in prem. And with other tanks wanna be dpsers everything is same.

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    I bring the best players everytime for the premades? Well thats just not true and also it was only in last premades that the majority of players was people not in my guild. And thats only because we didnt have enough people online in guild at that time, but as the lover of pvp I am I gathered some friends just to make the premades happen.

    Im just stating the fact that of the premades we did amneru uploaded the videos where his personal kd was best, I still find that cute
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    Mech is a great player! But so are the rest of u people! Yes hes getting best k/d on hes Conq!. u actually need too know what your doing to do so! But yes hes a tank in a premade! Anny deasent team would not focus him☺ thats how it is in a premade😆
    Kraamz dt pvp10
    Kramzor hox pvp10
    Quickdash guard pvp7
    Kramzz bs pvp5

    Pressostate conq pvp5

    AFK into the unknown =/

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