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Thread: 2 Guys 1 Jadedugout HM

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    Default 2 Guys 1 Jadedugout HM

    With everyone stuck in raidfinder rotation, we couldnt fill a group I was surprised we had enough dps for this, we had around 2 minutes to spare i think for enrage. Maybe time to revoke the khitai nerfs?
    Moriala - The Ivory Tower

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    can't watch in Germany due to music that may be copyrighted... damn

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    Yeah germany is usually rly strict on copyrighted music cause of a law you have called GEMA, gonna look around if its possible to fix an alternative for you
    Moriala - The Ivory Tower

    [Youtube Channel]

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    This GEMA **** is really annoying, yeah. But you can watch blocked videos when using a proxy, you don't even have to use programms /add ons or something to change it permanently, I mostly use this site to watch a video that's blocked in germany

    You just have to search the video title you want to watch, copying the link into the search bar does not work since the link is a bit different.

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