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    Came across this today and it's a great illustration of the need for Funcom to PERMABAN certain people for bad behavior.

    Raid finder is painful enough as is without people Edit by Anzu: No names allowed. doing crap like this.

    Edit by Anzu: No names allowed.
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    While I agree this certain individual and associated friend are constant RF trolls, nothing ever gets done because the GMs have to actually be actively watching it occur. Also you can't call people out by name and shame people on here or our great Anzu will meow all over it.
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    yes that guy is a complete cripple
    once , he seemed to be trying to play seriously when he was still a noob . did some pvp minis and failed hard , then started to talk nonsense and pollute the chat with conspiracy theories . I guess i am no the only one who has him on ignore and so Edit by Anzu: No names allowed. tries to get his daily share of attention in the raidfinder
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    This...human...adds nothing of value to the game. All his toons are purely rf-geared, he has no social connections (yeah, one wingman of the same mindset), and he must be the most ignored player (not toon, PLAYER). But it is one thing if someone is "just" trolling in chat, he can not take much of the game experience from other players, and you CAN ignore him.
    But in raidfinder he can actually harm other players experience, and this is his only reason to play this game, it seems. If he does not abuse certain mechanics to sabotage or wipe the raid, he "volunteers" to be leader, pulls all healers in one group and goes afk - or he does that and rants in raidchat.

    This player is serious thread to your company, Funcom, because he can never ever bring enough money to compansate for all the other customers he chases away.

    If you have a bored GM just let him look trhough the data how many accounts ignore his account.

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