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Thread: It is happening...

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    Im not on their side and wasnt ever. Just havent any hope that anything positive will happen there and it makes my words so toxic. Also my english is very bad so i cant explain what i really have to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinauer View Post
    Sound very pretentious on your part. I don't like the Elitest mentality that this thread is based on. Boo
    Yes sure, it's pretentious that you want people to read what you wrote to actually kill a boss.
    Nice, if we all go for your logic than f*ck the police, f*ck the state or anyone who want's to tell me something, it's all FFA now, go out and do what you want.

    No seriously, it's pretentious that you want people to read the explanation that you wrote into the chat because some people did not understand what to do? So me caring about the positive progress, that by the way would effect everyone in the raid in a good way, is elitist? Yeah, I have heard enough.

    I take my f*cking precious time to explain some clueless people a mechanic because they want to kill something (As I said already: I don't any T4 relic for gear, I am just there for the pets) and then they do not listen to someone who can tell them how to do it? Yeah sure, giving advices and help and then being a little bit angry because no one is listening (and some even complaining) is elitist behavior.

    I am out, I don't care anymore, really. I was in several guilds over the years, always took my time to teach people things about the game, helped them to do things where other people would say "Does it look like I want to waste my time for this sh*t?" but I see that almost no one want's help anymore, if you give advices to help someone you are being and elitist who knows everything better.

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    RF is a complete disaster. It's all most people are doing.

    What FC should do:

    Drop dragon tears off the loot table. You've totally taken away people's desire to raid T4 otherwise. Which also means many of those same players are gearing out in T4 and still have zero ability to play their toon. Look at a RF parse. It's a joke. Guards out dpsing casters, some people standing off to the side doing nothing, healers who go an entire fight without casting a single blue heal. Incentive to do T4 needs to be put back in the game.

    Also, put a cooldown on RF. 24 hour lockout. Getting their shards so they can buy a ring or pets is one thing, but people farming it all day for the chance of a dragon tear has killed the rest of the game. Minis and pugs are popping far less often because people are doing ****finder.

    Further, if possible, put details in the signup like you have for PVP, so people can see if it's about to pop, if they need to switch from healer to dps, etc.

    Finally, it's not "elitist" to make the game's best gear available only to people who can actually accomplish something to obtain it. As in life, if you accomplish something worthwhile in AOC, it is often accompanied by rewards. Getting loot from RF is not an accomplishment. It's a joke. Getting something without accomplishing anything to obtain it is welfare. Those players are AOC's version of panhandlers. If welfare bums could get Maserati's and beach houses, what would be anyone's incentive to work? Get the welfare out of AOC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerohn View Post
    Well it was said to pvpers when minigame queue was changed. Like 'you have tournament mode so dont play pug and call your guildies'. So now its said to raiders. All is fine.
    I think it's nice that the pve community is getting a taste of it now. Just form a guild raid and refrain from using RF. As you were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laethiel View Post
    I think it's nice that the pve community is getting a taste of it now. Just form a guild raid and refrain from using RF. As you were.
    I would never touch the RF if there was another option for obtaining the vendor ring. As it is now, I am doing it the least possible amount I can.
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    Personally, I'm not sure yet if the Raidfinder is good idea or not. But, just for the sake of balance, some points that can be seen as positive about the Raidfinder:

    - It's cheap, easy to make content for all players. For a limited budget, everybody receives a lot of content. A player interested in raids but not in T3-T6 didn't have all that much to do in AoC. Of course, there are T1 and T2, but there are few people organising raids for that.

    - It brings the community together. Where else did the full T6 equipped Ub0rtank meet the blue equipped beginner - except standing in silence at the tradepost? This will allow people to get some contacts, learn from each other and so on. Maybe not the best way, but better than nothing.

    - It allows players to gain experience in raids in general and specific raids they haven't seen before. Explaing the Emperor fight to somebody who's already seen the raidfinder version is easier than explaining it to somebody who has no idea what will happen.

    - It can close equipment gaps or balance some imbalances. For example, in our raids, soldier dragon tears are rare as burning snowflakes. Tanks were lagging behind in equipment (and satisfaction). The Raidfinder is changing that, as it allows to get dragon tears as drops or buyable items. On the other hand, it doesn't hand out small tokens, armor pieces or weapons so as not to make traditional raids superfluous. If this will work out in the long run remains to be seen, but it looks promising so far.

    - It's an alternative to just another Cloud/Entity random raid. Nothing against those - and kudos to the hardcore raid leaders than whip a bunch of beheaded chicken through that each and every week or even day. But by Crom's hairy lower back area, some variety needs to be welcomed just for the sake of existing.

    - It apparently did raise player activity. Those players maybe are busy doing weird Raidfinder raids. But at least, they are there (and keep some space on their hard disk and maybe heart reserved for AoC instead of the myriad of alternatives).

    So, before passing a final judgement, let us consider these and other good points of the Raidfinder. As I said, my personal opinion isn't all positive and certainly not final in any way. But it's not all bad.

    P. S.: Everybody should remember that the game/company is - probably - not paid only or even to a large amount by a small fraction of hardcore gamers. If something allows the company to keep afloat, that's a good thing for everybody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halfdead View Post
    RF has almost killed pug raids completely.
    I didn't believe 6 man activity could get any lower after the T4 nerfs last year. But now, except for the weekend, they are more or less inexistent.

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    6-man since rf: the joy when you have to wait 20 minutes for random to join your 5/6 guild group
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    Quote Originally Posted by medke View Post
    6-man since rf: the joy when you have to wait 20 minutes for random to join your 5/6 guild group
    Yeah I see the same issue, I know some people who haven't done normal groups since the Raidfinder released and almost got a full T4 set but I can see why people do this: The Raidfinder raids are mostly easier and more rewarding than 6 man dungeons. Why go there if the only thing you get there is khitai gear while being able to gear up a character with T4 gear in a week by farming easy mode raids?

    But actually you need to keep in mind that the PvP event week is going on so even lower activity in terms of PvE.

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    why bother with any 6-men giving obsolete gear ? FARM RF ALL DAY LONG HOPING FOR TOKENS TO BUY GREAT T4 GEAR !!!

    this is really the worse =(
    just remove t4 tokens from raidfinder or make it really rare !
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