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Thread: It is happening...

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    Default It is happening...

    So the raid finder is out now for a couple of week and people farm it every day.

    I really found that the raidfinder was a good addition but when I realised how the mechanics were butchered I felt like this is not right. Dragon Tears and T4 relics drop in masses (and still some people are complaining about crappy loot... Dragon Tear from T3 raid lol), I got enough on 3 characters to gear them pretty well (like enough for 1 big T4 piece or 1 or 2 small ones) and I only farmed T3 raid finder raids for the pet (which I did not got on the character that needed it, my characters have T4 gear already... only my DT not and this char got the snake pet 3 times <3). Other people who farmed far longer than me probably got enough to buy a half T4 set. And there is the problem:

    In the last few days I talked to people who wanted to know (for example) which faction they should join with their character, I found out that they did not know almost anything about khitai at all but when I saw their gear I was like "wtf?!". They had T4 pieces (big ones and small ones) paired with blue crap gear, the one DT I met even had T5 pieces from item shop caches...
    These people now have end game gear (well, T4 is no real end game gear anymore) and don't know the basics of khitai and sometimes not even the basics of their class. One ToS in a unchained group did not buff up, only used Lightning Strike and not a single heal but still had T4 items paired with blue crap gear again.

    I totally agreed with the idea to get more people into raiding but the raid finder right now is creating people who have no clue about anything in the game and think they are doing right because they got rewarded very well.

    Did you guys see players like this too? These few I had were already too many in my opinion...

    Just saying: I have nothing against new players (why the hell would I?! AoC needs more players badly...) and answering their questions (even if they are some kind of "noob question" for veteran players), helping them doing a quest and things like that, actually right now where I am not in a raid force I do this stuff 90% of the time in game... But the fact that there are now people with very good end game gear who don't even know how to join a faction is really bad... not only for groups these players join (because most of them think the normal raids work like the raid finder raids) but also for themself because a lot of people here are not as nice as I am all the time, they just get kicked and blocked without even knowing what they did wrong.
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    It's no surprise that's happening, it was really expected, this is basically the same thing as the world boss and plays out nothing like the actual group content and normal raids this game has to offer, it's just a zerg, you sign up, you go in, you collect tokens, you're done. Mechanics are so dumbed down, many core mechanics are ignored and tactics that are used in the raid finder will simply fail in a real raid. The closest thing to communication is someone raging in raid chat, and maybe someone barking orders with no explanation for anyone new to understand. Mitigation imbalance is also a negative (everything has negative magic invulns, same as T3 trash), so low DPS mages are under the illusion they're amazing (high DPS ones simply pull aggro and die unless there's a strong tali DT there or they slack) and any reasonable physical damage class just looks mediocre. You can't learn anything there to prepare for real raids or 6 mans as a new player (or even about your class), and in that environment players will never improve, they can't and there is no reason to, and you can get T4'd out through it so it will lead to new players being geared out and not prepared to jump into groups/raids which they think they are ready for.

    Progression wise, T4 is unbelievably close to end game gear still, it beats all 6 man gear overall. T5 gear was only a big upgrade over T4 for a guardian, other classes had a couple of pieces that beat T4 but the rest was very much the same (or worse in some cases), but it does have the runes which are nice. T6 is an upgrade overall (forget about the belts and a few other pieces here and there), but it's a pretty huge jump from raid finder (which is easier than T1) into those raids.
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    RF has almost killed pug raids completely. It takes twice as long to fill any regular pug raids due to this RF. And if it wasn't for 6-12 people from guild, it would never finish.

    People in RF are hit and miss. Some you get lucky and everyone has a clue, and others are disaster where you wipe endlessly. The encounters are so dumbed down that no one learns any mechanics and you get geared people with no skill.

    Like Evito said, the magic invulns on the mobs are so low that any veteran caster with gear is going to pull unless its a solid tali DT tanking. The Rally Call buff just makes it worse. Hate % doesn't scale with the damage on Guards or Conqs.

    As usual Funcom dumps it in and disappears and pretends they really care about the community.
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    I really don't understand why T3+ Bosses take so much magic damage, for some time I thought it was because of the changed armor systems in 2009 (Since T2 was still made with the old armor system, T3+ were made with the new one) the incoming magic damage was scaled differently... but that makes no sense since 6 mans in khitai take a normal amount of magic damage too.

    Well, I understand that complex mechanics wouldn't work in a raid where a complete random bunch of players with all kinds of gear / skill levels try to participate but still, dumbing most fights down to "Well here you go, this is the boss now hit him!" is just not the right way to introduce these players into high tier raiding.
    Communication is another problem in those randomly mixed together raids, I tried to explain most of the time in the chat what people have to do and answered questions they had about certain things but most of the time no one listened, in those cases some of the veteran players were even worse than the new people, some trolls with their awesome gear think they are gods and blame all the other people in the chat or basically try to rush through the whole raid in 5 minutes while half of the raid members don't even know the way throught the dungeon.

    Some raids worked well, I explained the mechanics and people listened, I even tried to explain with references to the real raids where certain mechanics work completely different (yes I am still of the opinion that some people may remember in the real raids what I wrote and then say "Oh damn I heard that somewhere!" ) and some people were thankful that I did that but most of the time no one is listening to the chat.

    I think some don't even know there is a raid chat...

    Regarding this "wipe buff": This is a thing that should be done differently, right now it's the simple solution "to make everyone a winner", this is just wrong, it's just forcing you to win the fight even though you did not deserve it. Like you are doing a test in school, get a bad mark but the teacher hands in the test again with 1 question deleted each time you fail it until finally only one blank space is left... the one to write your name down...
    This whole wipe system should have been made differently, to be honest: I don't know how, you need to have a really good idea to make a raid easier if the team is not good but don't just give them so much strength that they kill the boss by petting it.
    The whole make the same raid easier by deleting mechanics is not right at all, it just does not work. Right now, the real Kylliky needs more coordination than raid finder Zodiac which was before the nerf in my opinion one of the hardest fights I ever saw in a game in terms of coordination, timing, DPS and so on (but actually I did not see T5 Vistrix and Kylliky yet, as well as T6). To make these raids easier the whole mechanics should have been made differently to fit this type of raid but right now they just took everything away, the only thing that is left is that the boss can attack you.

    The whole fight looks broken, everyone would see that something is missing, questions as a new player I would have would be like this: Why are there blinking lights in the middle? Why are there blinking lights at the walls? Why are there season essences standing around? Why are the bosses named like words in seasons? Why do these things exist if we just stay at the entrance and kill the boss?

    As I said, the fights would need to be reworked to become an easier version and not simply cut down everything to make it just a tank and spank fight... but let's be honest, this would have never happened... we are talking about work... a word that FC can't connect to AoC.
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    1. Remove raid finder garbage from the game.

    2. Add Atlantean Shards to normal raids instead.

    3. Add daily quests for clearing Khitai instances just like Unchained and let them drop some smaller amount of Atlantean Shards as well.

    P.S. The first thing will never happen I get it, but at least do the second request. The harm is done, game is destroyed but at least make at least a bit fun again if possible, give incentives to play proper content that is enjoyable, that doesn't insult our intelligence and that lets you choose who you want to play with and how.
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    when you can tank a t4 boss with your sin after 3/4 wipes, you know that the content isnt remotely interesting anymore.
    nothing we didnt see comming though. to bad it also affects normal raids, because allot of the rf players with no clue or intention to improve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pimmz View Post
    when you can tank a t4 boss with your sin after 3/4 wipes, you know that the content isnt remotely interesting anymore.
    nothing we didnt see comming though. to bad it also affects normal raids, because allot of the rf players with no clue or intention to improve.
    It just proves that the RF is not doing what they say it was intended to do: "Bring more people to the higher raid tiers". This was a very valid reason, but also having people experiencing the content in an easier version was valid too. But here they fail too, if the content is way too different. Normal raids have some serious problems (external voice chat, time invested, whole pve progression etc.), so an alternative offering something for non-typical raiders (e.g. those who would rarely join real raids) would be another valid reason for the raid finder (don't bash, i know normal raids have some serious advantages and pros!). But does it adress these people now at all?

    So a few questions to people using the RF:
    - quest are doable in RF, so non-raiders could experience the story? (i think it was answered partly, but not sure it covered all quests or was referring to bugs)
    - voice chat is required to not wipe in RF?
    - can mechanics be learned by RF raids for real raids? (this was answered already)
    - what is the reasoning to get rid of the balanced need for classes (usually a raid advertises 2 of each class)?
    - is the loot you get dependant on the role you sign up as?
    - is the loot related to the location and culture and mob structure of the original raids? (even the world boss lottery box does this to some extend)
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    Some of us pointed out all that before rf came out and even after in the feedback thread.Lead dev had the opinion we shouldn't play the content if we don't like it.Way to market your product i guess

    So here we are with RF not delivering whats it's supposed to,harming the game overall and making happy bots that just see shiny pixels everywhere the easy way.Well, enjoy !

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    From what I've seen, the only variable loot is the pet. Which is based on the zone. I don't know if Swelter is still the pet for this week or not though, assuming Swelter is the t4 pet.

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    On the Pet..

    4 pets, 9 weeks..

    Yet they are not spread out evenly.

    Weeks 1-2 (T3- Snake pet)
    Week 3 (T3.5 - Archfiend pet)
    Week 4-6 (T4 - Swelter pet)
    Week 7-9 (T6- Yothians pet)

    So getting the 3.5 pet is going to be the hardest as there is only one week in the cycle. Unless you use shards.

    Would be nice if 3.5 pet would have 2 weeks on it also.
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