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    You are not really happy with the daily challenges to join a mini on crom? Here the opportunity to make some golds.
    I will give 1 Gold reward for each fatality of Edit by Anzu: No names allowed., take the screen in middel of the fatality and post it here with the ingame name of the char you want the gold.
    If you ask why? well that dude went purposely in the torrent of totem wall to avoid being killed, we had to wait 15m like morons for the time to end.
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    He was selling his pvp and pve specs and had to afk "due to high demand"
    He also sells rotations and is yet to answer me if Point Blank Shot is part of it , or not
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    Yes the new store still blows

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    +1G for troll customer's screenshots ^^
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    In game conflicts are not to be settled on the forums.
    Short cuts make long delays.

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