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Thread: AOC - Content creators.

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    Talking AOC - Content creators.

    Any tips of nice youtube channels or other places to watch AOC videos or see other cool stuff about the game? Thanks on beforehand friends.

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    Talking Good info sites

    Hi there are some good sources on the net


    Youtube channels (its Henryx' youtube channel)

    And then im actually building ones myself. Its nowhere near the others - yet. But its my intention to video-document the entire game

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    Apart from the ones Alvin already mentioned you should not forget about
    One of the most useful websites with info about stuff Funcom can't be bothered to provide. Like how much healing extra heal rating adds or where you can find which achievement boss etc.
    The feat planner is also very useful.

    Another nice youtube channel with some informational video's (about achievements) and gameplay video's is

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    Some PvP here Im nab by the way and last time playing and recording very rarely but have a lot of previous recorded vids. Its all about pure PvP and looks more like letsplay than anything else. Just some music on backstage and keyboard record from webcam just for fun

    You can also take a link from signature

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    Whoa, thanks for all the answers! Much love to you peeps!

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    I want to link a youtuber's channel but I'm not sure if there is a rights issue as he is hosting tons of Aoc soundtracks (both the official ones as well as music extracted from the game files and remixed into some wonderful tracks).

    If a moderator or a Funcom official will give an ok to link it I certainly will. Any Age of Conan fan would like to listen to this content for sure
    Barb: Thomaran
    Hox1: Mweru
    Dt: Haikuju
    Hox2: Shugorann
    Tos: Nephertites
    Sin: Leogetz
    Necro: Viggomortis
    and others...

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    You'll need to contact for information about that!
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    We had a blank cheque on that given by community management some years ago. As long as it was AoC-related, everything was said to be okay. That's only regarding Funcom, of course; individual rights holders may have separate claims and opinions about using their work. Also, the legal quality of an anonymous forum post is less than optimal - probably binding, but that'll take some explaining to a court. The interwebz is a new thing (Neuland) to oh so many people.

    And, frankly, Funcom probably is not in the position to sue any of its customers for posting stuff on youtube. That'd create more backlash than it's worth and destroy free advertisement.
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    There are a few twitch streamers, I'm one of them.

    Here are links to the only 2 active streamers I know of:

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    no link to the armory???
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