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Thread: Update 5.0 Consolidated Feedback thread

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    @Pogec and Bill13:
    Thanks, this info helped a lot already, especially the quest one. I advocated in the past for an additional "dumbed down" raid versions so people can at least experience the storyline, but it seems the raidfinder is not it. Imo, this would have been more incentive to me personally than all dragon tears in the world.

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    Default Nice For New Players

    As a new player I find a lot of the changes nice. The 30% exp and AAs and the relic bonuses make me feel like I can get geared up and ready to go for harder content a bit easier. I will say I am frustrated that I missed out on Free Dragonspine because my purchases were not through the game store (like the money spends any differently?) but I have a online ticket open for that. The raid finder I participated in was a bit of a cluster with people not knowing mechanics or just trying to zerg bosses, particularly on artifact boss. However, the stacking wipe buff and overall nerfed instances make it manageable and it's not like people are instantly getting loot from it, at least I didn't get enough relics for that and you can get free T2 stuff form WBs anyway so it's not like its a huge jump. There are ways that it could be improved such as allowing people to que up as a group of 6. Adding some kind of premade guides (already exist) to pop up in raid chat or in inventory for people to learn fights. Regarding challenges and daily rewards - I think they might be a bit lacking but time will tell (aka. what comes from blue and epic boxes). I do wish a bit more testing might have been done so there wasn't a need for so many hotfixes and down times and the sooner we get a price change on subs the less likely you will have people turn angry and spiteful and refuse to resub out of principle. Just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    Existing accounts are unaffected by the character slot changes. Any account created before the update keep their default of 2 slots + 6 with membership. Accounts created after the update start with 1 slot and gain 7 from membership.
    Bah! :/
    Was thinking it maybe was a reward for being a paying member since launch, but of course not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jh25737 View Post
    There are ways that it could be improved such as allowing people to que up as a group of 6.
    Well actually thats possible.

    However, the loot is much too good for a WB 2.0. If you have some vets in raid ppl can afk w/o probs. That will destroy T1-T3, even some T4 raids. Loot should be T3 tokens like at WB and maybe from time to time a T3 rare, but not more. Getting T4 loot for afking or doing nothing good at all is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pogec View Post
    I would say its like 1:100 chance for the tear, so I dont mind.
    I did two raids and got two dragon tears and one rare relic. So either I was lucky or the chance is a lot higher.

    This will turn out as just another step to kill raids the way the world boss did with T1 and T2. People will farm the easymode raidfinder and get their items this way.

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    1. f2p gold limit( must be +/- 50 gold. becouse no point to buy RoGS or go to khitai if you can`t buy armors. Blue lvl80 crafted armors (trader price 15-20+ gold) they are old but with a right gem, may be useful (in t1-t2 raids and old world dang. also they look great, so as vanity too) i`m sure a lot of crafters will say "thank you" becouse they will be able to sell those items. I'm not saying that it will revive crafting but this will be a good push for new and old players.
    2. rare khitai relics looks like not affected by sub bonus%. i was in a few dang. today. FC, Refuge, HoC and Iron statues island, places where ppl farm rares solo or in group, what is the point of sub if you get same quantity of main farm item as f2p. i think amount of rares must be 2x for subed players.
    3. Pls remove 1/0 mini game from challenges. looks like nobody want this, nor we pve crabs, nor pvpers. pve crabs becouse they don`t pvp, pvpers becouse, i`m sure, they don`t need afking crabs in minis.

    p.s. please specify, how loyalty rewards days count for players that was subed before update? as i can see now, they count from how much days to end of sub. if so, next question, what will happen later when/if i sub again? those items will be available all time of sub, or they will be close one by one, accordingly to days to end of sub?

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    Seems a number of people, including myself can no longer access Dragon Spine after the hotfix.
    Grandmaster Tos
    Rogue Angels
    Time Trial Vids

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    Old group bug is back, Iam still in raid after Sag.

    well its funcom

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    I posted this originally back on testlive 1 week ago, and I think it is relevant for others to see here too:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mussagana
    You can already complete the challenges without PvP. Kills, fatalities, and quests (or dungeons if you would prefer that route for that particular day). Players will only go to minigames if they want to as it is totally optional. If it does create problems, then we'll deal with that when we get there. I think it's more likely to generate more players for minis, though.

    The point of this system is to provide daily bonuses for logging in and playing. If the mini requires a win and you're doing that for 20 days during a 28 day cycle, then chances are one of those days you're going to end up having a bad day getting placed into losing teams over and over. That would not feel like a bonus for logging in and playing, it would feel like a grind.

    This is something we may look into in the future. We definitely don't have enough time to get it in the initial release but it's definitely a good idea for an addition later on. Definitely going to have to think of a better way to succinctly communicate it though.
    If you added more challenges, you could solve quite a few more problems. Add in weekly challenges like in TSW. Here are some suggestions:

    New daily challenges:
    Participate in 1-2 Arena duels
    Participate in the jhebbal sag minigame
    Complete any khitai hardmode dungeon
    Complete any khitai regular dungeon
    Complete any old world dungeon
    Complete a solo instance.
    Craft an item.

    New Weekly challenges:
    Win 1 PvP minigame
    Win 1 Arena duel
    Participate in 8-10 Arena duels
    Do raid X.
    Participate in the Raid finder x times.

    Special daily challenges occurring during specific weeks of the month:
    Kill a Portent World Boss.
    Participate in the Open World PVP Week games.

    Special weekly challenges occurring during specific weeks of the month:
    Kill 10 Portent World Bosses.
    Win 1 Open World PVP Week game.

    It isn't that difficult to come up with more ideas for interesting things to do. The more variety we see day to day, and week to week, the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mogsters View Post
    Old group bug is back, Iam still in raid after Sag.

    well its funcom
    We had to cancel our raid tonight. Everytime we got groups sorted parts of the raid just dropped and the raid itself got bugged. After some time it was not possible to move people anymore either.

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