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Thread: Update 5.0 Consolidated Feedback thread

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    Seriously Iam getting 10 loot options during pvp in minis, disable this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evito View Post
    For this raid finder to be less cancerous on the game it need to be a total weekly lockout, not just on the quest, but repeat kills should not give a box at all. And Atlantan shard need to be available in raids. At this point id take an alternative, I do want the ring but I don't want to use the raid finder and much like world boss, it'll get people doing it regardless...
    Yes i agree with you...for those who don't want to use the raid finder as it is the Atlantean shards should be dropping in normal raids.If the atlantean shards gonna drop from lower content then as it this now (upper t3)on the raid finder they should also drop for the same content outside of the raid finder in the normal raids.
    Also adding CD for the character for completing raid and getting epic box on the raid finder.You get CD why are you able to repeat the raid on the same toon?You cant do that with normal raid.If you have completed quest and got epic box you should be locked for the raid finder until the raid finder changes to new raid!
    Do you want normal raids to die? anything else outside of raid finder to die?

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    I haven't really dug into the updates very much as I was only online for 20 minutes or so yesterday but some of the perks of membership seem quite good. I'll give it a few weeks to see overall what the benefit is.
    One issue I had, I got the spider mount on my DT and logged off it while mounted and logged my new level 80 Conq, I hadn't logged it since the update so shouldn't have anything claimed from the 'membership benefit' section in the item shop and when I logged in my Conq was sitting on a spider mount and my spider had what looked like a convertible roof! I could ride it around and once I dismounted it was gone.
    I checked my 'mounts' section but it wasn't there. I had to claim it on that toon to get it properly. Strange but hey ho.

    I'm still not spending anything like the money I used to in the item shop as I'm not paying 200 FC points for a crit or magic damage potion on all my toons. They are effectively £1.40 each for a 4 hour boost that I can live without.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torhkir View Post
    1 question, What was the requirement for getting access to Dragon Spine?
    As we got Dragon Spine for free if we where subscribers by the time it was released.
    Seems like I dont have access anymore :/ qq
    Anybody that has made a payment through us on Age of Conan received Dragon Spine for free (or should have, anyway). To clarify; this had to be done through our billing system, so if you bought Premium Membership, Funcom Points, or a Content Pack through the website, you would have been eligible for the free Dragon Spine pack. If you only ever had Membership or Points by using keys you bought from a retailer, that wouldn't qualify for the free pack.

    Quote Originally Posted by jabberwoky View Post
    I didn't get dragonspine after the update rolled out, and I have spent hundreds of dollars on this game. I petitioned it and after 4 hours of waiting, the GM was unable to resolve my problem, and directed me to an online petition. I cant raid t5 or t6 with my guild this week because of your screw up; thanks, funcom.
    Quote Originally Posted by drsisters View Post
    I can't access Dragonspine anymore as off this morning.

    Message I get is:

    "You do not have access to Dragon's Spine. Gain access through the Item Shop, or by other means, then try again."

    and Yes, I did have acess yesterday...

    Is this still happening? Could you two PM me for further details? I am showing you have Dragon Spine enabled on your accounts.
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    After finishing T3 upper yesterday (raid finder) I got a T4 Dragon Tear as a reward. Is this intended or a bug? Shouldn't I have to do T4 in the raid finder to get T4 gear?
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    OK, haven't seen this yet, so I'll ask;

    Is the criteria for days in premium required a retroactive deal, or only from the application of update 5.0 forward?

    I hope it's retroactive, so that one can be rewarded for past loyalties and not just for that of the future.

    I haven't been in AoC for a few days, since I've gotten into a Total War:Shogun 2 kick for a bit. At the moment, trying to take over Feudal Japan is a bit more fun than beating up on Vanir. But, the need to more viscerally swing a sword will return soon enough...

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    What's with the need/greed popups in the minigames?!! Holy hell disable!

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    Default Char slots

    Since no one replayed I ask again, where do I find those extra 7 char slots???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thainster View Post
    Since no one replayed I ask again, where do I find those extra 7 char slots???
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