Membership Update
We’ve just upgraded Premium Membership for everybody! What does it mean to be a Member now? It means you get new, constant perks that remain active for as long as you’re a member--plus access to the new Loyalty Rewards program! For more details, please read here.

Free-to-Play Changes
You may now access any area you own, regardless of your membership status. You no longer need to keep buying access passes or membership in order to enter Raids, Unchained Dungeons, or playfields from expansions you already bought. Please remember that you still need to own the appropriate pack (such as Rise of the Godslayer) in order to access these areas.

Raid Finder
The new Raid Finder is now available! This feature allows you and other like-minded players to queue for and enter a raid dungeon together! The Raid Finder rotates a different dungeon each week. New rewards await! Look for the magnifying glass icon on the top-left of your screen, next to the Playfield Access button. Remember, the Raid Leader can arrange the raid group by holding ALT and clicking + dragging a character’s nameplate around.

Challenge yourself! You may open your Challenge Journal from a new Treasure Chest icon in the top-right of your screen, or with the default keybind of [Shift + C]. Daily Challenges offer new goals and incentives to play various aspects of the game. As you complete more challenges, you will progress towards daily and weekly rewards that contain high-value items!

Daily Rewards
A new reward every day! This may be found through a new Calendar-shaped icon in the top-right of your screen, or with the default keybind of [ . ]. Daily Rewards may be claimed once every 24 hours, per account. Rewards never expire and don’t have to be claimed on consecutive days! Rewards become more powerful as you progress, and once all rewards have been claimed, the table will reset. Clicking on an icon of any reward will show you more information about that item.

  • Removed the membership requirement for all playfields!
  • Dragon's Spine and associated playfields (including T5 and T6 raids) now require the Dragon's Spine content pack to be accessed.
  • Updated the Premium Teleport list to include a teleport to Dragon's Spine.
  • The AA offline system is now available from level 20.
  • Removed the Rise of the Godslayer expansion requirement from AA window.
  • Resolved numerous environmental issues in the Purple Lotus Swamp.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause combat music to stack on top of itself and play several tracks indefinitely.
  • Added a new vendor to Old Tarantia next to the Portent vendor. This vendor offers new items in exchange for Atlantean Shards.

  • The Raid Finder UI can be accessed using ctrl + R or by clicking the raid finder icon in the top left HUD. This will allow you and your group to sign up to be matched with other players for the weekly raid.
  • A new Challenge UI has been added. Accessed with shift + C or the Challenge Journal tab on the topbar, the Challenge Journal will show your progress towards earning rewards for challenges.
  • Pressing "." now opens the Daily Login reward UI.
  • Removed offline leveling display from character selection screen.

  • Resolved an issue that could cause Moonstone of Occult Inspiration to not proc successfully.
  • Updated the descriptions of the Intermediate and Master bundles.
  • Expertise Points gained from the Royal Treasure Chest can now be sold to vendors if you have no need of them.
  • Winter Howler and Maltese Vaaghasan now properly display that they need Exotic Creature Handling to use.

  • Consolidated various stacks of tokens into single items that award multiple tokens. No change to the total amount received.
  • To conform the way tokens are distributed across all tiers, raid tiers 1 and 2 have had single free for all tokens removed. These bosses now drop more tokens that are personal, guaranteed drops. This results in an increase to the overall tokens a player receives in a full tier 1 or 2 clear. Free for all items that drop multiple tokens such as the jar of relics were not removed.
  • Sabazios the Insane now drops a Jar of Relics.
  • All Simple Relics will now be consistently added to the recipient's token balance immediately.

Tempest of Set
  • Improved the audibility of Lightning Strike.

  • Improved the audibility of Shockstrike.

  • The quest "A Feat for Crowds" has been retired and is no longer available from trainers.

Chosain Province
  • The Den Mother will now spawn more reliably during "A Worthy Companion."

Conall's Valley
  • Corrected a spelling error in "The Passing of Blackfrost."

  • All Special Delivery quests are now on a separate cooldown.

  • Pets that have shared mastery achievements will now allow first time kill bonuses for each version of the pet that is defeated. This change affects Yakhmar, Ice Worm, Leviathus, and Leviathus Spawn. Players who defeated these bosses prior to this change will receive first time reward bonuses once more.

Palace of Cetriss
  • Ethram-Fal now correctly resets the number of Seeds of Life he can spawn after the encounter resets.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented Lotus Miasma from building to its full five stacks.