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Thread: new 80 tos need updated builds

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    Default new 80 tos need updated builds

    just rolled a tos and am iso up to date PvP and PvE builds...for pvp I think id like a more supportive roll on my way to pvp 4 if that's possible, something more tanky with good heals....for PvE something I guess I can solo khitai factions and jump in and outa K6's with. Thanks for any input guys, if you see me around or in pug 6's and I'm making a mistake please feel free to correct me!? I welcome any advice and appreciate it!

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    I would go for something like this for normal groups:
    Alot of people do not take Power of the Serpent Ring for PvE but actually it can save your life pretty often and also make most fights alot easier for you and the group because you can completely avoid certain mechanics like AoE spell in flame, AoE spell at 2nd boss in ardashir fort, AoE spell in scorpion caves at constantius.

    If you need to soloheal you can go for something like this:
    Fangs of Set can save tanks alot of trouble while fighting against meele bosses but you loose your bubble.

    I always take the 22.5% magic base damage from Power of the Serpent Ring since you can buff up your base damage in spellweave 50% and with Call Lightning for another 10% (or 15% with khitai rank) which brings it to almost 90% (not included the Spellweaving buff that gives even more so you basically can get up to 100%) all the time which is incredible when using Aura of Nebthu, Stormfield and Coiled Serpent. for very high burst damage.

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