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Thread: 4k??? Anyone have a fix or UI so I can actually READ chat!? LOL

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    The game needs a UI scale option.

    Unless you are running a 40" 4k panel, you are not going to be able to read anything with the default UI.

    I really appreciate the support from the community, but this is a task that should have been developed by the Funcom programmers years ago.

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    I'm back in business! I went ahead and have a 4k AND 1080p tv. Soooo, if you dont mind. Lets keep trucking along with the 4k? (I could'nt go back to 1080p after seeing 4k over the weekend...hahaahah)

    Can we start by possibly shrinking down or finding out whats going on with the "error" with LARGE text moments. (certain quest givers...Raid bosses speech ect)

    thanks man,

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    Could you send me some screenshots in PM ?
    Things that are ok, things that are not ok...anything ^^

    As for the login screen, send it to me and I'll do the rest.

    Here is a file that should correct the inventory position, put it in customized/views/MainGUI/

    This one should fix the combo sequencer, put it in customized/views/ComboSequenceIndicator/
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    If you are using gtx6XX series or above, you should able to use 4k resolution with nvidia DSR tech in 1080p moniter.
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    He has a really really good point! If you have a geforce card...try DSR? You can ramp it up and select it as a resolution and imitate 4k...this might help?

    I'll get photos up tomorrow!

    thanks man.

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    Grmf...unfortunately I have an Ati 7870

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterClean View Post
    Grmf...unfortunately I have an Ati 7870
    AMD has an equivalent called VSR. No idea if it works with the 7870 though but it exists and works the same.
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    I will give it a try! thank you guys

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    Hey Misterclean!

    Ok so first things first. The FONTS File does NOT work! I have stripped out your UI and just started at the ground up. If the fonts file is used, speaking to certain/all quest givers ERROR's out the AOC. It crashes.

    I've tried over and over, and even reinstalled AOC. Same problem.

    Can we start there??? I think the font size or something when talking to NPC's or something is just too big??? Its crashing.


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    ALRIGHT...were getting somewhere.

    I went thru MisterClean and CHANGED the font size(s) to smaller numbers than the one posted. This DID fix the crashing. Obviously my fonts are now smaller across the board but still LARGER Than stock UI 4k.

    What line(s) is controlling the "QUEST" fonts? Do you know? Thats the crashing problem there for sure. (when I say quests I mean speaking to NPC's, cutscenes font size ect)

    Lets work together and make one of your amazing UI's for us 4ks!!!


    Ok, the problem/crashing is the "( )" scaled font lines...2 of them. I changed them both to 30. FIXED. No more crashes. Now to start working on the UI size!


    ***********UPDATE 2**********
    fully working! Moved over the files you posted before, adjusted the correct font(s) sizes. 100% working!!!
    things still needing work.
    1. Map size still too small. Needs to be at least doubled in size.
    2. Mini-map in corner is NOT working or showing at all. I'm sure it will need to be enlarged as well.

    Do I just zip up my customized folder and send it to you? Or will you just reproduce what i've done and continue your work! Excited, this is going great now!
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