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Thread: Rebalance: Petition to remove potions from PvP(+crit/+cr/+magic dmg/etc)

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    Default Rebalance: Petition to remove potions from PvP(+crit/+cr/+magic dmg/etc)

    Make an effort to reestablish a balance in PvP. As a start you should remove the buy-able potions from PvP. Can be as simple as adding a equivalent negative PvP effect.

    PvP always boils down to a advanced graded rock-paper-scissor game, where two equally skilled/geared players should almost always finish with the same result in a duel, same goes for group fights. Only skill and some small part of luck should be able to change the outcome. With the potions in effect the balancing effort is made extremely more complex, and virtually impossible.

    PvP is most fun when its competitive. Ofcourse its fun once in a while to completely dominate the other side, but its even more fun when you know this is mainly due to skill.

    Age of Conan has the potential to be one of the best PvP MMOs, allow it to once again fulfill its potential!

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    I'm not sure adding a -pvp stat to these potions is the right solution because people will regularly flip from PVE to PVP so having to cancel a 4h stat potion just because I want to do a mini seems like an incredible waste.

    The only solution for re-balance is to completely get rid of them (which funcom just wont do) or to make them far more easily accessible to more people. This could mean drastically reducing the prices in the item shop or making them available to buy with other tokens in game (talking about the new imba crazy pots now).

    I actually rather like the idea I read in another thread which was to allow alchemists to craft these pots, this would make them far more accessible to more people which helps the re-balance in PVP plus it gives people a reason to bludy craft and be an alchemist.

    *edit i just realised you said "equivalent" so i guess it works out fine, no need to cancel them, but still like the idea of them being craftable
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    Yes, I also like the craftable idea, but I am convinced that if we want to achieve a balanced pvp field those pots is the first that will have to go. If they are gone we can then evaluate the true state of class balance in the game.

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    Well if you want to talk about balance then the biggest issue for PVP is PVP gear when you compare the have and have nots. At least with the pots it gives those without PVP gear an opportunity to narrow the power gap between those with PVP gear (assuming those with PVP gear arent using pots also).

    Unfortunately PVP will never be a skill/luck only based game because of the various tiers in PVP gear.

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    Once you have full pvpt1 set you should be competitive on most classes.
    With the exception of weapons and the possibility of dps optimization with pvpt3 acceories , the difference between the tiers is mostly not that huge
    The reason why pvp gear is to prefer over pve gear is protection.
    For some classes its not a too big deal tho (Demo / Necro / Ranger/ Sin/ barb) you can do fine even in pve gear.
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    Crit pot benefits different classes not equally. So it means that they should go. Especially now when we have 7% (SIC!!!) crit pot just for real money.

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    Like slackpoint said, once you have T1 you are competitive, with a small disadvantage. Which can be overcomed by skill. And by getting better armor you shift upwards in the graded rock-paper-scissor pyramid. But the effect pots give is is an increase far beyond T1 - T3.

    Yes it takes some time to get T1 but I wouldn't mind it being available for gold at pvp0. But that's a topic for another thread.

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    I disagree with everything, AoC is one of few games u can actually succeeding with garbage gear

    I saw a BS pvp4 kick the **** out of a pvp10 guard (crank

    we all know crank is a good player
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mogsters View Post
    I disagree with everything, AoC is one of few games u can actually succeeding with garbage gear

    I saw a BS pvp4 kick the **** out of a pvp10 guard (crank

    we all know crank is a good player
    Were any of them using pots?
    This is actually an argument for my suggestion. I wish to see the pots removed so that skill is the main contributer to shift the favor in any direction.

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    It's not an argument against the pots because firstly you don't know if the BS was using pots, and secondly even if they were yes the pots make a bit of a difference but don't take someone from noob to a pvp10 guard wrecking machine.

    The BS just clearly had far better skill and knowledge of his class, skill WAS the main contributor.

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