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Thread: Upcoming Changes to Membership, Offline Levels, & more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    And, last but certainly not least, we’re going to have a new price point for the 30-day membership. More info to come.
    Call me cynical, but that statement is mighty vague. I don't see the words "reduced," "lower," or "cheaper" or anything of the sort to make me think it's moving in the right direction.

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    So I have twenty character slots, 19 of them being lvl 80 characters at a minimum of t2 gear (some moved from Fury) and over half at t3 plus. Plus 3K plus gold in the bank. Plus over a hundred offline levels. Plus 2K plus veteran tokens for each character I roll.

    Are all of my /claim items being moved over? Including my double experience potions? And all the account wide items like my big bag and soles of eternal suffering and multiple account wide mounts? Plus a lot of potions I have not 'cashed in' yet?

    I don't care about AA points. Ten of my 19 are full AAs and the ones not full AAs are characters I don't play that much but are close to full AA anyway (or just need pvp ones). So why should I get excited about getting AA points in a royal box? Its really annoying to try and win the lottery and get garbage. Giving me an experience boost is pretty useless.

    I can level up an alt pretty darn quick, so timing AAs at level 20 is bleah. Getting two AAs a level might be decent but its not been said that we will now get 2 AA points per level.

    What happens to the 'instant lvl 50 upgrades' that we might still have?

    Why don't we get funcom points monthly with a sub? What exactly is 'token gains' for raids and such? If I got more relics that would be nice but what is a token?

    Who is saying that offline levels are evil? I have one of each character type: if I wanted to make a Fury character why do I need to level up all over again? I know the class already.

    I am not seeing why this 'change' is 'so good' for the game. I have nearly a year left on my sub: so I get some dubious 'loyalty bonuses' that probably involve more AA points.

    If I have 19 alts will I have to log them in each and every day to get their 'rewards'? That's going to be a big time sink and not a whole lot of fun. And are these 'loyalty thingies' going to be one per account or account wide?

    Disappointed that you aren't putting in account wide items. And that I have to get gildings to buy things that were in the shop. Just how do I get gildings now? Hope for 'loyalty bonuses' or 'daily rewards' and end up logging in 19 characters daily?

    Please make me understand why this whole set up is 'good for us', I'm not seeing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bvis View Post
    Call me cynical, but that statement is mighty vague. I don't see the words "reduced," "lower," or "cheaper" or anything of the sort to make me think it's moving in the right direction.
    Yeah, I realized that after the fact. In another reply I did actually use the word 'lower', since it'll, well, be lower. Yes, we're reducing the cost of the 30-day membership option. By exactly how much is yet to be announced, but I'll post it as soon as I'm able. The OP has been updated to reflect this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    Yeah, I realized that after the fact. In another reply I did actually use the word 'lower', since it'll, well, be lower. Yes, we're reducing the cost of the 30-day membership option. By exactly how much is yet to be announced, but I'll post it as soon as I'm able. The OP has been updated to reflect this.
    Will you be adjusting the higher tiers of subscription options as well? Because if you're going to lower the price of a 1 month sub, the 3 month sub and up should also reflect that in their prices.

    I dont want to pay $35 USD for 3 months if a 1 month sub only costs me $5 or whatever you change it to.

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    At this point the only thing that I can see to keep long term veterans subscribed is losing access to more than 10gold on your characters at any one time as some Khitai gear and tier six gear requires more than that to purchase....

    And once again LEARN THE LESSON: DO NOT TAKE AWAY THINGS WE HAVE ALREADY EARNED....allow us to keep our offlines!!!
    No...increased passive xp gained does NOT more than compensate for our PREVIOUSLY earned will not compensate me for losing over 310 on my main account and over 130 on my way
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    Your producer, nophexEdit by Anzu: No. who doesn't seem to look at everything in this game. Either all you over there at funcom are in favor of trying to rail in a new era of people and push out the old. Which they, the old are the ones who kept this game alive while you slowly slowly lost most of them from Lack of content. Edit by Anzu: No. Producers I guess have not yet to look in to what has failed before. None of this consist of even what the community has been wanting and thats Fixed bugs, and more "CONTENT"! LOWER PRICES on a 8 year old game, and what do you do? You take out valued things in the shop and jack up the prices. We all already know FUNCOM has the worst marketing team in the whole world and this shows it big time. Im scared to think what you have planed for pricing on this membership, If you think cell phone games are any where near successful nope, they die in a week, this is what i feel you doing. 90% of cell phone games have a log in bonus.. Lol, Is that log in bonus going to even be any where near good for someone who has played 7 to 8 years in this game. By the looks of it your guys are not listening to people. You already stated raids have been lacking, you think a raid finder is going to help people, not when you dont' look there is barely a population! Seriously We the population isn't all new coming players... Hello is anyone home upstairs a lot of us been here for almost 8 years.!!! Funcom = I don't look at my games fully, i just throw in what "I" "WE" think will do good!Edit by Anzu: No.!

    To start:
    Kellisia was created on 07 March 2009 (same as most my other toons). I figure out a value way to time feat that feats fast.

    [list][*]A passive 30% bonus to PvE and PvP XP, including AA for as long as you’re a member. This replaces the Blessing of Asura. The Blessing of Asura will be removed from all characters.
    (((12 Toons -1 that is almost fully aa'd thanks to free items from the 1st shop when it came out. I still have 20% xp pots that where never used.)))
    [*]15 Teleport Coins, per character, each month for free. WOW- I can travel faster
    [*]Boosted Token gains from Raids, PvP and Khitai areas. Um Um You nerf T4 {{ Which tokens do you mean victory tokens}}
    [*]A passive 30% increase to all faction gains. UM T4, Unless i want a pet. lets not forget i'm a Vet, I've done this crap!!!!!!!!!!)))
    [*]The ability to unlock Alternate Advancement perks via time, starting at Level 20. (((-- This doesn't nothing for me---)))
    [*]An additional AA point per level gained. All level 80 already fully aa'd---- Doesn't get my money!!!!))[*]+7 Character slots. New, Free accounts made after the transition start with 1 character slot by default. All existing accounts will keep however many slots they had. Why on Earth would i want to pay to level up 7 more characters, I could barely gets any alts done due to the massive grind and then the lack of people from lack of content.
    [*]Increased Quest Journal capacity. This where I wonder how Edit by Anzu: No. you all are 8 years ago this game was made
    [*]Unlimited gold capacity. Lol Gold farmer heaven..! Welcome the era of more spamers!!

    Important: Offline Levels are being completely removed from the game once the new membership system goes live. We’re aiming at June 30th; this date is subject to change, but you should use your offline levels by then, as they will disappear after the changes go live! Woooo hoooo,, oh wait most of us are veterans ----- Screw off 8 years of paying for them and your ripping us off again

    Monthly bonus points are not a part of Membership. IF you where going to take them out , you should have never put them in, Oh wait you took 200 every 6 months for us subbing. But hey it kept people playing and paying. Price go up for membership - Poof poof poof, See ya.

    Veteran Tokens are no longer gained with Membership, but players will keep what they had and may still use them at Veteran vendors. Instead of Veteran Tokens, Members will be enrolled in The Loyalty Rewards program. This offers awesome new rewards for our Members at 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360-day tiers, including a brand-new mount type as the top-end reward. Additional rewards will be unveiled every 6 months.

    An how does this 30 to 360 day tiers add up... Is it calculated by the ingame timer on a Character knowing how this company has their characters spit.. I mean if you going by Kellisia has played for 195 days 14 hours 20 minutes 48 seconds. You guys are real award winners down there for trying to screw us all- PLEASE do make sure you note how this timer will function

    This thing i hear doesn't give Vets any incentive at all.. even that we played since 2008 2009 2010.... xxx amount of time. Your thief of a company doesn't even want to give gratitude to the fact we been playing for over 360 days. B]Edit by Anzu: No. Give me one good Edit by Anzu: No. reason why anyone should support your company and the future of it at all. [/B]

    We are also implementing a daily login reward and challenge system which will grant various rewards for free, including consumables, tokens, AA XP, and more.
    If i wanted a cell phone game - I'd buy one from it. Better be worth our X-years of playing.

    An active membership will not be required to enter *any* content you have already purchased. This means any Rise of the Godslayer or Dragon’s Spine playfield, including associated raids and Unchained dungeons. Dragon’s Spine will be sold separately in a new content pack. If you are an active Member at the time the new system launches, we’ll give you the Dragon’s Spine pack for free!

    Membership and Rise of the Godslayer are no longer required to use the Alternate Advancement system.

    And, last but certainly not least, we’re going to have a new, lower price point for the 30-day membership. More info to come.
    Just post it now so you can see if it actually worth a flying dam or who your going to run off.

    That about wraps up what’s going on; if I missed anything, I’ll be sure to add on to this. I'm sure you all have plenty of say about all this, so please, again, feel free to leave your feedback here in this thread. [/QUOTE]
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    What are these tokens that are going to be increased? Moas? AA experience pots (don't need AA on all the characters I play regularly).

    Taking away more than we are being given: not much of an incentive to resubscribe.

    Unlimited gold? So to keep my access I have to subscribe again. I didn't know there was a gold cap.

    Why does Funcom think AA points are the goal of every player? It boggles the mind. Wasting space in the royal box to 'win' AA points is annoying to me. Getting a pot with 17 AA points BOP on a character with over a hundred extra AA already. Great. Just what I always wanted.

    AA experience? Unless you are going to remove all the /claim potions (and no one has said you won't be), then I get 100 percent boosts to experience already. Removing offline levels is annoying as I've leveled up each and every class and don't particularly want to do it all over again if I want a character on Fury.

    Nothing about our 'free level 50 character' yet. I still have one, not sure why.

    What is going to happen to the /claim potions: teleports, buffs, unlimited mounts, unlimited vanity gear I've already bought and paid for? About all the pets I can /claim, the exp potions...all the reasons why I just kept buying alt spots vs making a new account.

    I am pretty disappointed so far from what I've seen offered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    If you are an active Member at the time the new system launches, we’ll give you the Dragon’s Spine pack for free!
    Define active membership please. As in, currently my subscription is cancelled but the time I paid for does not run out until sometime in July. If this new system goes live before July do I get Dragon's Spine for free?

    Also, do you plan on having any sort of subscriber offering when this new system launches besides the reduced price for 30 day membership?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mussagana View Post
    The single point AA bonus per level is a continued benefit; it's not being increased to two per level. F2P gold capacity is not slated for change.

    PvE XP, PvP XP, AA XP, and faction gains are not being reduced; this is indeed a bonus. However, this bonus does replace the Blessing of Asura. We wanted the bonus to be always on rather than a once a day limited duration bonus.

    Veteran tokens will be kept and you can still spend these at vendors; accounts will just no longer receive any further veteran points after the change. How remaining sub time will be credited toward the new system was mentioned by our producer here:

    As for your question about playfield access for playfields not associated with a content pack (e.g. T1-T3 raids): Yes, these are free. The playfield flag that designates a playfield for premium only access was removed from all playfields in the game.

    Hopefully that helps clear some of these things up.
    So if we already as a subscriber get an AA point per level, why do you say we 'will get an AA per level'? That sounded like two per level to myself also. Calling it a 'continued benefit' sounds like you are going to be removing other things you haven't talked about yet.

    Why would NOT reducing gains be called a 'bonus'? Does that mean you are reducing other things and not talking about them?

    Nothing here sounds like a 'bonus' and some things are reductions (aka no veteran tokens in the future).

    Double posted

    If you want to give the community something and already have indicated that t5 tokens and gear is so needed that we can lottery buy them now, then why not allow us to buy t5 relics with t4 relics? THAT would be a bonus.

    Obviously t5 is so old that you put it into the item store vs having to actually raid the place.
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    So Dragon's Spine (and T5 as well as T6) becomes an add-on now?

    lol... I already payed a lot of money for these updates (monthly subscription...) ... and now I will have to buy them again?

    That's like taking away a present... "Oh look, you worked 5 years for this company, have this as a gift!" *2 years later* "Give me that present back, if you pay me 10€ you can have it!"
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