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Thread: Upcoming Changes to Membership, Offline Levels, & more

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    Default Vets Compensation

    Ok, so Funcom have finally decided to change the sub system. GOOD.

    1. Your new system when comes into play rolls over any previous gametime, GOOD,
    @Nophex and @ Muss (if your sub is rolling over will you be credited with the 30 day sub bonus that is given to anyone who takes up a sub after new system is implemented?

    2. None of this New store of New sub system hold ANY interest for true veteran players about the only thing that would be of interest to them is NEW content and fixes.

    3. If you are going to remove peoples offlines COMPENSATE them for it 1 offline = 5 funcom points or such

    4. Create a chache box with gilding tokens, pets and vanity sets (legendary epic and rare in it, which
    A) are on sale in the shop at a price your ususal steep prices are around 1800 points but most importantly
    B) members who have been subbed get a number of these boxes FREE and the number is determined by how many years they have subbed for example 3 boxes per year of sub

    5. Most importantly REFUND the funcom points any person that has been SUBBED and was forced to pay to move their toons of the sinking whole that is Fury. 2400 points per character is completely taking the proverbial and to have the outright gall to say you offer an accountwide for 6000.
    HELLLOOOOO its your ineptitude that caused population to die on the server. If you are subbed you should be able to transfer toons accross servers if the population is crap the exception being Rage toons they can stay and rot on fury. Im sorry but saying 50 80's online at peak times is not a populated server and it has been that way for over a year.

    6. For vets subbed or with continuing sub after new system goes live give them free character transfers on all alts, if they wanna go pvp on Fury they can, if they wanna leave Fury they can, but if a toon is moved i has a cooldown of 2 months on its new server before it can be moved again. Note, ONLY the BOUND items on the alt can hop servers

    So to sum up change the way you treat your vets, because with the ineptitude you guys are showing this game has about 6 months to live as there are not new players staying and even fewer new players joining, and you have pretty much thrown sewage in the face of all your loyal and established fan base that have pretty much kept your company afloat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    The Offline Levels part was definitely something I was concerned about as well, but the passive boosts to XP gains (instead of having to use the Blessing of Asura) should boost progression enough to the point where they won't be needed. Plus, it's a reason for people to actually log in and play their alts instead of sitting on OLs. That's how I see it, anyway.
    It is not just about removing these from current subscribers, I feel that Funcom does not appreciate how much it will impact new subscribers leveling up their second to eight characters.
    Once someone has leveled a character from 40 to 80 WITHOUT offlines being used once then they have extensively explored and completed most of the quests in every zone available to them. (I know that this IS what happens....this is was me on my first toon in offlines used from 1 to 80; second toon no offlines used until level 60 to jump 5 levels only then quested to level 80; third toon no offlines used until level 70 when I used 10 to jump to level 80)
    Without being able to access the game to confirm the zone levels exactly it is roughly:
    40 to 50: both Field of the Dead and Noble Tarantia District zones
    50 to near 60: Eiglophian Mountains (with or without Turan - at a much later time I found Turan alone took me on an alt from level 48 to 55 and then no quests)
    high 50s to 60 - Ymir's Pass
    60ish to near 70 - Aztel's Approach and Thunder River
    70 to 77 - Keshatta and Aztel's Approach (again)
    77 to 80 - Common Tarantia and Keshatta (again)

    Therefore for a second character ... these eight zones (9 if you have Turan) will need to be quested though again with minimal to NO new quests & areas to find and be excited about....

    By the time a player has gotten to their FIFTH character ....even the level 20 to 40 zones will have been explored at least once IF they took each new character they made through a different level20-40 map as their primary questing ground.

    FUNCOM - with the membership changes ... you are trying to reduce the grind at level 80 to get players into desired end-game content and equipment faster ...but do you not realise that by completely removing the Offline system you are forcing a new subscriber to GRIND though the same zones and quests for every character they make ...with limited options for avoiding this repetition. Sure they can buy a level 80, but not many will do that...the scenario I envision to be more likely is: "oh really I have to pay x$ for level 80 or repeat ALL THAT levelling grind before I even get to play end-game & starting grinding on that too....nah I'll spend x$ on exploring a new game instead....bye bye AoC"

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    Since you are planning on deleting all my paid for offline levels, you should give fair value compensation for them in some other form. You have attributed a price per level in-game with your instant level 80 option in the item store. A level 80 character with bonuses costs 5500. Assume the free mount/skill, armor, and food costs about 2500. Probably less due to bundle discount. Anyway, with 3000 Points = 79 levels, we come to 37.97 points per level. Round to 40.
    yea, the idea to remove the offline levels is rather bad, so at least funcom should give something back for it, and this calculation would be fair.
    but i guess they won't, because they are stingy as hell...
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    Default Got Membership the 12th

    Here is just a new premium member, who became a member on the 12th of June. 'Lucky me'.

    I became member to get the bonus points and AA points stuff. And because I think it is a good game it deserves some money. Because my knowledge in limited I have some trouble how good or bad the losses are. I got completely nothing yet and got my first mount yesterday. Never bought anything from the store.

    [*]UPDATE: Access to Members-Only sales in the store.
    not my thing, but other people like it

    [*]A passive 30% bonus to PvE and PvP XP, including AA for as long as you’re a member. This replaces the Blessing of Asura. The Blessing of Asura will be removed from all characters.
    If this is just an XP bonus, it is not interesting for me. I enjoy the game without it just as well. But I understand other people love it.

    [*]15 Teleport Coins, per character, each month for free.
    As I understand it. When you get 1500 achievement, you can do the same without coins. And I know there are some very very fast mounts. It does not sound really needed

    [*]Boosted Token gains from Raids, PvP and Khitai areas.
    no clue

    [*]A passive 30% increase to all faction gains.
    If this is just an bonus, it is not interesting for me. I enjoy the game without it just as well. But I understand other people love it.

    [*]The ability to unlock Alternate Advancement perks via time, starting at Level 20.
    This is interesting

    [*]An additional AA point per level gained.
    now I am lost, is this not the same as above ? sounds interesting

    [*]+7 Character slots. New, Free accounts made after the transition start with 1 character slot by default. All existing accounts will keep however many slots they had.
    A friend has a free account, and she should be playing free as she plays one a week. But she has two characters slots. The change tells me she keeps the two slots, but I am not so sure after reading this thread

    [*]Increased Quest Journal capacity.

    [*]Unlimited gold capacity.[/list]
    Was there a limit for premium membership ? I know there is a limit on free membership.

    Important: Offline Levels are being completely removed from the game once the new membership system goes live. We’re aiming at June 30th; this date is subject to change, but you should use your offline levels by then, as they will disappear after the changes go live!
    I got maybe a day in offline levels spared. But I guess the AA points are the replacement for this.

    Monthly bonus points are not a part of Membership.
    That is too bad, I was hoping to collect enough to buy something really interesting, something like an expansion. It was a big reason to become member. Now it got replaced by Veteran Rewards, which are only ingame items as I see it. I call this a big loss.

    Veteran Tokens are no longer gained with Membership, but players will keep what they had and may still use them at Veteran vendors. Instead of Veteran Tokens, Members will be enrolled in The Loyalty Rewards program. This offers awesome new rewards for our Members at 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360-day tiers, including a brand-new mount type as the top-end reward. Additional rewards will be unveiled every 6 months.
    no clue

    We are also implementing a daily login reward and challenge system which will grant various rewards for free, including consumables, tokens, AA XP, and more.
    I hate being forced to play. I normally hate monthly fees. But I play this game enough for a monthly fee. But a daily login is a forced login. I rather get a reward for playing x number of days that I can spread over weeks.

    An active membership will not be required to enter *any* content you have already purchased. This means any Rise of the Godslayer or Dragon’s Spine playfield, including associated raids and Unchained dungeons.

    Dragon’s Spine will be sold separately in a new content pack. UPDATE: If you have ever made a purchase in Age of Conan up until the new system launches, you'l get Dragon's Spine for free!
    I better buy something quick, sigh... just spent my money on membership. Would buying some cheap treasure chest do the trick ?

    Membership and Rise of the Godslayer are no longer required to use the Alternate Advancement system.

    And, last but certainly not least, we’re going to have a new, lower price point for the 30-day membership. More info to come.
    Good, Only the 30 day membership ?

    That about wraps up what’s going on; if I missed anything, I’ll be sure to add on to this. I'm sure you all have plenty of say about all this, so please, again, feel free to leave your feedback here in this thread.

    I have a hard time reading what goes away and what is a gain. I am too new to the game. But the loss of bonus points is a real loss and if I could I would reconsider membership, from a financial perspective. I do not see a real compensation. But I am rather new.
    I am not sure if the first post is a complete list anymore I see a lot of rants and some panicking people who think they lose character slots. But sometimes there is an update or answer in between. Is the first post updated ?

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    Getting tired of hearing the old veteran's this, veterans that, we dont want to grind. Piss off. I bet most vet's wouldn't know a bar of soap if it hit 'em in the arse loaded with pepper spray with the face of Crom on it compared to the lore of Hyboria. I still can't believe people dont believe me Vistrix is not a f***g dragon. There are no dragons! Xib is pronounce zibba loo koo and Hyrks are herr cane ee ans ('hire cane ee ans' is also valid).

    But then I am shop-fronted the moment I come out off the beach in Tortage. On a premium account.


    As if being pumped on a F2P every time you log is not enough, now premium's have to put up with the shop **** spam as well.

    The 60+ pages of poor pricing (and then a hotfix that didn't address it) is not enough you gotta slam your garbage store in sub's faces?

    PS I'm thankful for the extra storage for F2P's....but obviously no one else could give two hoots to even mention it considering your people are pulling this crap. 'Here's a shiney' in one hand 'POW!' with the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruront View Post
    That is too bad, I was hoping to collect enough to buy something really interesting, something like an expansion. It was a big reason to become member. Now it got replaced by Veteran Rewards, which are only ingame items as I see it. I call this a big loss.

    I hate being forced to play. I normally hate monthly fees. But I play this game enough for a monthly fee. But a daily login is a forced login. I rather get a reward for playing x number of days that I can spread over weeks.

    Second to that. You are not the only one here. I am repeating it, because funcom did not seem to understand how to evaluate their sub value. Points or any currency are something that can be spend by the PLAYER, so the value for the PLAYER increases a lot. Some spent it on daily pots for they daily gameplay, others collect them to buy something large (like an addon or cloth set or bag) others simply collect them to buy any future product not existing yet. You destroy this incentive by removing things from the shop, it is not streamlining, it is shooting in your own foot.

    Oh, and as i read it, having bought the membership should be enough to grant you the Dragonspine expansion.

    @Odonoptera: You seem to listen at least a bit and have some nice things in the package. But to actually earn money in the long run (or at least to put AoC in stasis without making losses, right now you aim for uncertain shortterm goals on the cost of playernumbers and reputation) you should reduce the prices in the shop (from 1/2 to 1/10 to 1/100 (charbound stuff)), add some additive currency to the sub again and broaden your product palette again (the vanity gilding method is NO real alternative for players, because things do not go on claim and have no accountwide option and you have reduced the options drastically). That way you might actually make some legit money (not from scam or lotteries). And do not forget to add an ACCEPTED, valid conversion system from old to new membership, because they are simply not the same anymore (price, incentive, value for money, benefits). With accepted and valid i mean more than "we believe that, ..." stuff.
    Even you lost a lot already in marketing, you can still do the right thing!
    (if marketing does not listen, either force them, reason with playerbase at your back, write to CEO or put this sabotage scheme out in the next shareholder meeting (again with feedback evidence). Like convincing the master in fallout 1 not to destroy humanity, you will fail on morale grounds, but proofing that the scheme will not work did the trick.)

    @stiixy: Yes, the shop-spam (that can happen even during a boss fight!!!!) is simply a bad idea on ALL account from ALL perspectives. It even seems to offer items only available at that time (never checked, always clicked it away asap in disgust). Funcom, just scrap this, whoever told you it is psychological wise, ignore him/her, because it is not. You are not a street drug dealer, make the shop good and inform on usual channels about new products and changes...then respect your customers to allow them to open the shop when they want to (same goes for login screen! As f2p i can somehow understand and deal with it, but if i were subbed and got spammed this way...bye sub). I do not mind info on websites, forums, loading screens or preloader or in a tab on login or on the first page of the shop, when i open it manually. That is where they belong, not ingame or login spam.
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    any info on ifand when Paysafe as payment option will be back ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubium View Post
    I would like a developer or Funcom person tell us whether they take the subscription money and make us buy the new sub offer
    You will not lose any subscription time. The post that was referenced only means that time you have will also count toward the new system for determining membership rewards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruront View Post
    That is too bad, I was hoping to collect enough to buy something really interesting, something like an expansion. It was a big reason to become member. Now it got replaced by Veteran Rewards, which are only ingame items as I see it. I call this a big loss.
    The Veteran rewards tokens are an old part of being a subscriber...essentially pre-ingame shop & prior to bonus funcom points - basically same concept as bonus funcom points per period subscribed, but as ingame token for every character you created rather than account wide points. The "free" bonus funcom points came later as an added perk for subscribing.... a while after the ingame shop I think..or maybe at same time...
    Unfortunately for you as a new premium member the number of veteran reward tokens you will permanently have to expend on any character including newly created characters AFTER the membership changes go live will be limited. To see how many you will have - they are already there... open your ingame tokens menu last item on the list from memory. It does sound from your comments that you will not miss them accumulating over time...I hope that this is case part of the changes...they are stopping the accumulation, but not removing them from characters and honouring the number current subscribers are entitled to have and applying them to any new character created on the account after membership changes are initiated. (ie not changing how they have always been issued, but will no longer accumulate more on your account past changeover)
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    Will old sub time calculated in new Loyalty Rewards program??
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