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Thread: Upcoming Changes to Membership, Offline Levels, & more

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    Quote Originally Posted by pekka View Post
    Cmon, you mix number of total slots with number of open (playable) slots as Funcom did.
    if i understood correctly, you will lose 6 slots if you go f2p.
    (i already know wich ones i would lock in the basement !)
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    Quote Originally Posted by pekka View Post
    I'm still curious... I guess the silence means that f2p can play only 1 character per account no matter how many extra slots you have bought(?).
    Nope i got 5 chars unlocked and iam f2p
    Edit by Melcom: so not.

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    You'll keep whatever number of extra permanent slots you have after the membership changes go live; you aren't going to lose any.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    heh, they aren't capped to 1200. The 200 monthly bonus points are set to expire after 6 months. That is what gives you the illusion that there is a cap.
    Ah, that may be true also - didn't think of that. But still, there may be a hidden limit. As they're supposed to expire after 6 months and thus never would accumulate above 1200, it never needed to be designed to got above 1200.
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    I just tested this myself with a fairly large amount. I don't think it'll be an issue
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    So why are you removing offline levels? The only reason I can come up with is that with extra character slots, you want more veterans buying premade lvl 80 characters rather than just offlining them to lvl 80 once they hit lvl 30.

    So is it another money grab?

    And what happens to our 'instant level 50' character options? Right now I have one: do I need to use it before the change?

    I really don't want to do leveling again. I've done it 19 times already, some offlined but every class from scratch (offlined the duplicate classes).

    I have 20 slots: what is the new limit on character slots going to be? 24 plus 7 (heard 24 was the max now)?

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    Default Funcom, use your emergency break!


    Im a veteran player for 8 years. I dont post much on this forum, so please be patient with me, guys.

    Dont go thru with this change.
    Who is generating money for you, guys?

    The veteran players that have stick around more or less thru 8 years or those new players that play this game for a month or two and moves to the next one?

    If you want to please those new players, you could give them some leveling boosts and decent blue gear when reaching max level, along with giving them 1 AA points per level. I think that would make them somewhat competable when
    reaching max level.

    Suggestion: a group finder would be fine, where you can make options between doing quests and/or purist runs

    Let us veteran players ,that pay for this game, keep the following:

    1. Getting veteran tokens
    2. Getting offline leveles ( Decreased rate, if any ... one level per week or so could do)
    3. Just make veteran tokens available to change to gilding tokens as well at a fair rate.
    4. Getting funcom points for loyalty and with no expire date. So it could be possible to save up over time.

    Sorry for the wall of text.

    Regards, Xene
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    Apply this same model to AoC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blourg View Post
    Nope i got 5 chars unlocked and iam f2p
    Ah. thx, I've never been f2p before. ^^ That means I'll have 6-7 chars with max AA and stuff. That TSW membership looks reasonable tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    Hey, all.

    We understand some folks have expressed concerns about Membership they've already paid for well in advance, and how that will factor in with the Bonus Points that would have been gained from that. After some discussion, we're going to perform the following:

    When the new Membership system goes live, Members will gain a lump sum of Bonus Points equal to however many they would have gained from the old system, up to the end of their cycle date (rounded up). For example, if you had 6 months left on your Membership when the new system goes live, then you'll gain 1200 Bonus Points (200BP * 6mo) to spend in the store.

    There will be a limited window to spend these points, please keep in mind.

    I hope this helps alleviate some of the concerns folks were having. Let me know if you have any questions!
    It very nice to get our points that we paid for, but once again it is something we paid for. If i paid for something i don't think it is right that we have a time limit on this after this revamp. I have always been against Funcom removing 200 points that were part of offers we paid for. Odonoptera if you don't mind please run this by the team again. Funcoms need to take from us for money is one of those big things that push people from your games.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redd View Post
    So you want to say that bonus point refund for 6 months of AoC memberhip time is equal to 1 month of a regular TSW monthly membership bonus points?

    While inflating the prices in AoC item shop.

    How come TSW players have so much better deals, while their game is actually being developed unlike this one?

    Why can't you just give the same amount of bonus points to AoC subscribers monthly as you do in TSW? That would be the only reasonable and fair option for AoC memberships. It would be at least attractive to both veterans and new players. Lets face it Age of Conan is not getting any proper content like TSW does and our subscription is not going for any new content either, and we all know it. But can you at least respect enough the veteran population in this game by giving lets say 1200 monthly bonus points for being subscribed?

    We don't need AA's, we don't need EXP boost, we don't any of those points from the current membership offer.

    Also remove pay2win boxes from the game. Many of us explained you already why it is not doing any good.

    EDIT: reposted again.

    I agree about those 7% crit pots and they should be available in game as well, but just the fact that they're giving a chance to obtain some high end gear with real money is terrible.
    Quote Originally Posted by Redd View Post
    Apply this same model to AoC.

    I have to agree with Redd. Why not use TSW model, it has more to offer that looks good.

    Thinking about it, 15 Teleport Coins, per character, each month for free. I'd trade coins for Bonus points or spit the 2 up being aoc is 8 years old maybe keeping the 30% xp ups for the new peeps since I read they want to be able to keep up with vets.
    The points sound better and making the coins a more reasonable price in the store means we could buy what we need. Instead of having them pile up like the some other things did. This would give us more of a range to use them.
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