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Thread: Update 4.10 Consolidated feedback thread

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    Default It's happening

    I'm seeing a lot of T5 chest pieces on people who have never downed a T5 boss. Thanks, Funcom.

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    I can't even find a pug raid that can handle more than first t5 boss. I've been all the way through t5 enough to get my bear fully geared and a demo the rune plus minor pieces. So if I paid enough money I MIGHT get my pom a rune?

    I don't want to throw money at boxes, its too much slot machines in vegas type chances.

    Wonder how much money they spent to get t5 piece?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubium View Post
    I can't even find a pug raid that can handle more than first t5 boss. I've been all the way through t5 enough to get my bear fully geared and a demo the rune plus minor pieces. So if I paid enough money I MIGHT get my pom a rune?

    I don't want to throw money at boxes, its too much slot machines in vegas type chances.

    Wonder how much money they spent to get t5 piece?
    Talked to someone that bought an excess of 30 chests to get a t5 chest piece and the advancement ring. so you could guess maybe like $40 per legendary outcome based on that.

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    Default Potion critical rating by 200 funcom points? really?

    I stopped playing about 40 days, I returned today,,, to see the news.

    Item shop, the potion critical rating (+ 5% = 183 critical rating),, I paid 45 funcom points, no longer exists.

    To her place, there is now a potion with 256 critical rating (7%) for 200 funcom points.

    I cursed the funcom in global, logical, I'm Latin, normal, hot blood,,,, but this price is absurd.

    I'd rather pay a luxury bitch to pay for that price absurd for an item that lasts 4 hours.

    I uninstalled the game again, this is my history purchased funcom points (there are other subscription payments that are not here, I was always premium, at least in this main account.)

    It seems that a company lost a good customer. The money goes to another game or a whore, I do not know yet. My wife and I are not a very good time.

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    funcom actually wont roll back anything. alotta noobs and funcom slaves bought their new boxes and earned them alotta quick cash. this game is old, if you guys were funcom you would of done the exact same thing at this point because they need fast funds for their next poop survival perma alpha game conan exiles which is gonna be a flop. Theyll introduce it, milk the launch and then abandon it while already announcing the next poop game as well beyond exiles.

    here's how funcom runs at this point:

    step 1 loot your past game customer base to fund a new game.

    step 2 recycle content and release new game and turn a quick profit on the money spent making this game(money looted).

    step 3 loot the new game's customer base for a bit, and continue looting the other games slowly as they die.

    step 4 divert a small portion of time in skeleton maintenance mode of this game which is now considered old and used up.

    step 5 announce a new game in the works, prepare for looting, appease your customer base with new pets and a new bag.

    repeat step 1 through 5.

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    Really disappointed in Funcom response to the dropping player number and complaints from new players about having trouble to catch up .... buying gear is NOT the answer....full Tier 3 will not assist them in knowing the mechanics of the fights and their characters, when to heal, how to tank, what spell to run from...etc etc.... that takes time in game playing and often finding people willing to help you learn it......the catch up that new players need is EXPERIENCE with the game mechanics and that can not be substituted by gear but by time playing ....

    Quite frankly, Tier 3 will NOT make them competitive with people in Tier 4, Tier 5 and Tier 6 won't even make them competitive against people in Khitai and unchained gear in most are so out of touch with what this game demands these days....

    I am a vet - I was in Tier 4 progression (after it was finally fixed) and did that with a raid group in Tier 3 and khitai gear was HARD in that cashing up to T3 will NOT make those raids easier. Even recently I've been in raids with the majority of people are in Tier 3 raid gear...and it's STILL HARD .... I've been to tier FIVE where a fair number of the raid are in FULL TIER 3 gear...and they wonder why they struggle to get reliable kills on the first boss..again same deal...TIER 3 is not the goal any longer...and it's NOT what a new level 80 should look for....head into House of Crom and khitai at level 80 to get the BASE gear there to "catch up" ..head to vanaheim and now arena..... not tier 1, 2, 3 ...that is a secondary goal ... This approach means that the player is also PLAYING the game ...(testing their new level 80 toon if the class is new to them) ...earning other rewards......I know some Vets want to bypass all that...get straight into T4/5/6 without spending time doing other things..but that just shortens the game for all - means the experienced players are not going to the 6mans/raids to help teach them to newbies.. making it so much harder for a brand new player to "catch up" as less people running those instances...

    I can think of several ways that the "catch-up" could have been implemented without resorting to the wallet .... of the top of my head:
    - add to the ? help menu the basic mechanics of the six mans...what perks are needed, what cast they need to be activated upon, etc short and players can learn whilst ingame - though most of these have been written up on the forums not hard to find if someone can be bothered searching BUT frankly when I'm learning a new instance/6man...I've got either got those printed out next to me to refer to - or I alt-tab to a website with the strat on having them INGAME on a small screen would be helpful .. and not relying on a player generated script or my printouts/websites..... SO many people do NOT look on these forums for the strats but expect them to be taught as they are playing THIS would have been a much better use of developers time than the ingame cash shop in my opinion.
    ... I'd say the same for raids ....but I can foresee the quite justified storm of protest from progression-focussed guilds who are still working these out for themselves make it for the tier 1, 2, 3, 3.5 and 4 raids where these are all well established and keep the "mystery and excitement of discovery" for T5 and T6 for us.
    - Further decrease the time needed to get to rank 4 in the khitai factions increasing the faction points from all the quests and decreasing the cooldown time on some of them - yes I know subscribers can shorten time by expending Veteran reward tokens...but a new player probably does not have enough of those stored.
    - decrease the number of rare trophys required to get the Khitai gear
    - decrease the number of MoAs required to get the Khitai gear
    - enable conversion of raid simple relics to rare trophy's and vice versa - that way someone who likes to do six mans or solo dungeons but not raids can still get raid gear/weapons for activities done ingame ... and vice versa for a raid-focussed player who is not keen to do 6mans ...and also offers something for the more casual player who does not have time to spend ingame doing long raids ..but can quickly do a 6man or a solo dungeon...
    - permit conversion up and DOWN of raid simple relics to the next level - ie tier 3 to tier 4...tier 4 to 5 ... for NOW keep Tier 6 not achievable except by completing those fights.
    - permit the conversion of raid simple relic to t3 rares, t4 tears and t5 shards .... and/or conversion of t3 rare to tears to shards for example..but quite frankly I think relics is better to covert than the less frequently dropped rare/tear/shard
    - allow for the exchange of some of the following: rare trophys, MoAs, insignas, simple relics, rare/tears/shards ACROSS the toons in your make them account wide .... THIS would permit a new level 80 toon access to something the PLAYER has already earned on their account to help the "catchup" on that new character

    For ingame shop items to help reduce the time to catch up or make it easier:
    - put pots in the shop that can earn you faction points as you quest AND/or increase the number of faction points earned whilst doing the faction quests with the pots enabled...
    - put pots in the shop that earn you insignias when you quest ANYWHERE which of course are redeemable with the faction also speeding up the faction progression
    - put pots in the shop that increase the MoAs earned as you quest/kill ... again decreasing the time required to earn those which are required to purchase gear
    - passes in the Ingame shop to "premium" only zones - eg House of Crom, Dragon's spine for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month - enable a f2p who has some cash to spend but not wanting to sub or purchase the expansions to get into those zones for gear, fun and exploration
    - if you do not want to reduce the number of rare trophys required to buy the khitai gear - perhaps a potion that will decrease the cost (rare trophy number and/or gold) of the purchase of one of those the "free feat reset" potion with veteran reward tokens - THAT has been a common complaint I've heard .... I need x more rares to get that next piece; out of gold again for my next piece...

    On a different note: with the membership revamp....Will we lose the Veteran Rewards Tokens????
    I have about 1000 on most of my toons so would really like notice if these are going to simply vanish overnight with the membership I can spend them BEFORE you do this Funcom has a history of implementing these major changes WITHOUT notification to the player base ... ..I've EARNT those with subscription cash over time so will be really peeved if they just get removed like you have for so many ingame shop items you considered irrelevant..... I thought Funcom had FINALLY learnt something about customer service when you gave notice that particular rings would be permanently removed from the ingame shop..then you pull 4.10 fiasco on us....very very poor Funcom!!!!
    oh and last comment..does your proposed new membership offer mitigate the upset I feel over the revamped ingame shop...NO ...I have a more established distrust of your company now and fear for the future of this game that I LOVE .....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemisia View Post
    The amount of whining, QQ, and overall angry bitterness reminds me so much of last year with Shadows of Vanaheim.

    People were crying then and threatening to cancel subs, yet amazingly enough those same people are STILL here and in THIS thread, once again crying, moaning, and being angsty.

    I guarantee this will be exactly like last year. I bet a good half of the people in this thread are complaining, and buying up those boxes like hotcakes. Just like last year.

    Point in check? Need I remind you of last year with an entire guild screenshotting their "protest" with over half of them wearing the shadow of vanaheim helm????

    T3 Gear is and has been obsolete for years, and for everyone crying about this being sold in the item store killing t3, I hate to tell you all this.. T3 was killed when the world boss came out with dropping rare relics, t3esque weapons/accessories, and t3 relics.

    Honestly. You cant even use t3 gear to go into t4 on most classes because of the lack of critigation.
    What world you living in???
    You are apparently playing "single" player mode (didn't realize that even existed) or you must just think every person is an NPC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan615 View Post
    If the new item store is tied with the new membership plan, wouldn't it have made more sense to release them at the same time?

    By releasing the new item store first, all you did was create a big sh!tstorm that has just been a fiasco.

    If the item store was delayed till the membership changes were in place, the only thing we'd be up in arms about would be Ethram Fal issues.
    Yes, much of this drama could have been avoided by releasing the updated Store, the new membership offer, and the Raider Finder simultaneously.
    Guild 'House Jade Asp' - PvE server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caudilloo View Post
    Please tell me why me or any veteran of this game would sub for this.
    * All our classes are level 80 and full on any useful AA
    * Any char I create has instant free teleport from account wide achievement points. We also have swift mounts on all chars so we can get anywhere in 2 minutes
    * I got hundreds of unspend tokens of all sorts on most of my chars. All loot in T6 drops plenty in direct items
    * All factions on any char I ever wanted are maxed out
    * Full AA...
    * Unchained is still a stupid lottery with no guarantee of ever getting what you want. Apart from that the gear is largely irrelevant (and will be even more so after these recent additions to the shop)
    * We have 12*lvl80 chars... Some even more. If we don't we don't care about the others
    * Most of us rarely do quests anymore. We've done them all mostly more then once
    * Nothing worthwile in game is bought with gold. 18 gold is the most expensive useful item in game
    I agree with this post. For many veteran players who have been subscribed and paying for almost 8 years there is no real incentive to pay for subscription; this seems to target only f2p players or people who are now discovering Age of Conan. With all these changes there no reason and incentive, for me, to renew my subscription.

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    I noticed as I was quickly leveling a new toon off the beach and no sooner got to the city proper when the new item store popped up trying to get me to buy some starter gear for my toon.

    I also noticed when I hit level 20 on my baby demo that I'm leveling the same thing happened.

    Is this part of the "new revamp? Because if it is, it certainly has NOT made me want to buy anything, especially now that stuff is even more expensive than before.

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