The NEW Item Store is open for business! Starting now, you are able to select from a completely revamped stock of consumables, mounts, and other conveniences through the in-game shop.

  • Free players will no longer have restricted main and quest inventory slots.

  • Rune of the Last Resort now also gives a bonus to Ranged attacks when its low health effect is triggered.

The Silver Atrium
  • The Silver Atrium quests are once again available. Players can start this quest line by speaking with Kesi in Khemi.
  • Eyes of the Emperor now requires a minimum of 6 players to trigger the ambush (down from 10).

Guild Renown
  • The quest text for "A Worthy Rider" is now consistent with the amount of gold Khin-Astennu actually asks for.
  • Tertius will now offer the remaining Stone to Flesh quests even after a player has completed Conquering King.

  • Resolved an issue that could sometimes cause Special Delivery quests to become unobtainable.

Palace of Cetriss
  • Lotus Fixation will now cast more reliably.
  • Ethram-Fal is now less likely to select its most hated enemies for certain special abilities.
  • Added particle effects to Emerald Lotuses to improve visibility of their current status.
  • Cast time on Living Lotus slightly increased.

  • Changed matchmaking so that the minority group in a playfield won't continually jump in line due to having a smaller pool. This will result in players instead being selected based on a first come first serve basis across both queues.
  • Wisps' Ghost Form ability will now be put on cooldown if it's interrupted.
  • Added a Trader to the arena.
  • The Risen Guardians are now immune to Fear.