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Thread: Wich T4 set ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shax84 View Post
    And exactly which feat does increase the healing output of your class heals? If there is a general feat that does likes of +10% Wave of Life - I've missed it completely for 8 years.
    First feat in general tree.
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    any mod that can sticky this post and leave only bogus reply in it as it's only thing that made any sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maly View Post
    any mod that can sticky this post and leave only bogus reply in it as it's only thing that made any sense?
    Keep also Maly's response as it deserves a conunitu award.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maly View Post
    passive crit more mana heal worst with aa

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    well, that's 2nd most intelligent post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fass View Post
    First feat in general tree.
    Oh, yes the +10% of green heals.

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    Default Dragon King

    Dragon King all the way for more dps and crit. Few Dragon King pieces have really low HP and PoMs running with 6k HP do die like flies in high tiers when raid takes 7k damage, so replace those with Thousand Blossoms or, better yet, keep both (Bracers, Belt, Gloves, Shoes) for survival & heal rating boost or dps boost. The Chestpiece is not bad for Thousand Blossoms set - can go with either one, or get it later for the looks.

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    Highly recommended accessories for any higher raids above T3 for any class:

    2x Death's Ward from Brittle Blade Khitai faction:

    1x Scipio's Necklace from a questline for T3:

    1x Amra's Pride from a quesline for T3:

    You can find the full questline description on the forum.

    If you have enough luck, you can get two of the Ring of Ancient Phyton from the Unchained questline (RNG boxes):

    From the World Boss I suggest this for dps:

    And this for healing:

    And now you are ready for T5, T6, if you have the T4 full sets with the weapons included.

    If you want more mana and more heal:

    The rest is optional.
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    Do you mean that Lance of Mitra, Blessing of Mitra, Divine Halo etc. are totally optional, but f.e Ether Flow is not?

    2x Death Ward is a bit overkill + this item is this weird suspended "Can have only one" state.
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    Not wanting to insult anyone or raise any kind of endless discussion but being a PoM, each time I see someone with the Thousand Blossoms set... well a little bit of me dies inside.
    Maybe it's me but I simply can't get the usefulness of that set in PVE beside the obvious digital beewbs already wisely suggested above in this thread.
    Probably the Hands and Boots are the only two parts I would save of it all.

    My humble opinion is that a tiny health increase and heal rating does not justify the huge loss of wisdom. We are talking about -235 wisdom on blossoms which is translated into a loss of 303 magic damage plus other nice things : hate decrease (if you play correctly, you need this), increased prot from wisdom and other blah blahs.
    On thousands blossom you get constitution (not 1k as written above, just 376) and heal rating (+1270). Almost the same crit rating. Lower crit damage rating.

    If you play as most PvE poms I see around (stand still, spam blue heals and smite) then go for whatever set you want, you don't need either. You will be fine even in yag khosha set (another abomination imho).
    If for some weird reasons you need lots of heal rating go for thousand blossoms.
    If you want to be useful and support the whole raid dealing very good dps and good heals and tools, go for dragon king.

    But before deciding, just keep in mind one important thing that many just ignore:
    Big heals, AA heals, bubbles (etc) are supposed to be used NOT TO FIX OTHER PEOPLE MISTAKES.
    Instead they should be used when the encounter's mechanics requires that and for some extra cases.
    But seriously, up to t6 i never found any good reason to sacrifice my damage to get 1000 more heal rating which in the end will be used only to delay the raid wipe for 20 seconds.

    If you need constitution/protection there are AA perks and some good accessories that provide those, but then again, being at 7.5k health is more than fine for everything really (with few exceptions).
    If you need heal rating get one of those weapons with lots of it (there are many viable choices) and swap to those when you need the boost.

    So think wisely before nerfing yourself. And to think wisely you need more dragon king ftw :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by thisistheicon View Post
    preach brother
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