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Thread: Need help with build / strategy for duels against medium armor and above

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    Default Need help with build / strategy for duels against medium armor and above

    Pretty much what it says on the title. My preferred build for PvP minigames is the "tanky" deep berserker one; unfortunately, it has a huge problem with burst damage (as in, it doesn't have any, and no, Decapitation won't do much good against soldiers).

    The usual sequence in duels against soldiers goes something like: land a CC - they turtle in defense - I drop them by 30%, maybe 40% if I get lucky with crits; they land a CC on me - frenzy burst - they drop me by 70% or so and the fight is essentially over. With slightly different implications it's the same against BS as well, while rangers just keep using their billion different CCs while pincushioning me.

    I'd like to hear suggestions on how to solve the problem by anyone who's having success with barbs in pvp duels.

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    Try debuffing. Use 3 ranks of wreck armor then use the 4th one before the debuff timer ends so you can keep the opponent debuffed all the time.

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    If u're an US barb with 20ms i suggest combojumping your way with arcane marauder to desync and use fast combos while u regen between cc's but don't forget to use finely honed on DT to instantly remove VoM stacks and tainted weapon on BS to instantly remove heal over time. As a pure zerk you should also have excellent balance to counter kbs and the other 2 anti-cc from the general tree to be unstoppable. If it's a ranger, just circle strafe with arcane marauder and use all your anti-ccs, their firerate is the worst of all the classes in game and if they use their white perk to be immune to ccs after pen shot just dont waste yours.

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    I play from Europe so unfortunately latency is around 140 ms, maybe 130 in a best case scenario.

    Thanks for the suggestions but I had already considered most of them. It looks like barb is simply screwed against conqs especially, while DTs can drop you in two combos if they get lucky with crits. I guess when facing players at similar skills levels we're at a significant disadvantage and that's it.

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