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    I'd like to suggest to add several goods to game shop to increase profit from it, and also to give to players an opportunity to spend their money:

    1. As we already had T6, it wouldn't be bad to add T2 or even T3 to game shop. I don't think that someone will be upset. On Fury where players haven't PVE raids it will be the single opportunity to receive these things. Also perhaps someone will want to buy these things just for a collection, like social items.

    2. For the same reason I suggest to add all Khitai sets and weapon to the game shop. Here it is possible to make good money if people want to receive all armor sets for their own collection.

    3. I also suggest to add purchase of sets of T2 PVP to shop. After revamp they almost don't differ from T1 PVP. On Fury 90% of players skip T2 PVP items because there aren't enough amount of campaign bages to buy it. Coz we have imba rings +50% and +25% to PvP exp and rune 33% to PvP exp, and can take a 7 or 10 PVP lvl very fast. But we haven't Jebbal Sag to farm a campaign bages.

    4. I'd like to offer you to add T2 and T3 crafts to the shop. For many years players could buy these things on the third-party websites which 24/7 are advertizing themselves in global chat. FC why you not want to take to take this money itself?

    What do you think about it?

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    I think to increase revenue even further it is paramount to remove T1-T3 and Khitai from game altogether and only sell the items in the shop.

    The same goes for PvP. Remove minigames and pvp festival completely, so the only way to obtain gear is support Funcom in the in-game shop.


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    So the only thing left to do in the game will be t4+ raiding? Ouch.
    Sounds like a Korean F2P MMO.

    *there is definitely a problem regarding the t3 crafted items being sold for real money by third parties but I don't think that's the right way to tackle it
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    I'd suggest you delete and re-think the following points : 1,2,3,4 .

    I agree with the rest of your post
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    Let's see....what content does the majority of the subbed pve-interested playerbase play...T2, T3, Khitai. What are the best items you can craft, if you are interested in crafting...T2 and T3 crafts.

    Now, great idea, what about making all this content obsolet by selling everything you can get there in the item shop? To drain the playerbase and paying customers even more?

    Let's create a new't play, just buy! New purples - you don't even have to download!

    What I think about this? That someone *cough* on a server where it might be hard to find pve wants some shiny stuff^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjoint View Post
    I'd suggest you delete and re-think the following points : 1,2,3,4 .

    I agree with the rest of your post
    I agree with you.

    There is about only 1 way I would consider not being against Old Raid/Dungeon gear being in the item shop. That would be if each set of gear cost at least $100, getting progressively more expensive for better sets.
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    I'd like to see the addition of "cosmetic/appearance" weapon and shield slots which they could in turn then sell cosmetic only weapons and shields - similar to how they sell the social armor now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slackjoint View Post
    I'd suggest you delete and re-think the following points : 1,2,3,4 .

    I agree with the rest of your post

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    I like your suggestions but why keep it only there,why not put t4,t5,t6 gear on items shop,also I want t5 runes to be as a gift when you buy t5 armour.Also lets be honest here why someone who has spent so much time on some toons pvping has t3 pvp gear, I want t3 pvp gear on item shop aswell so when I buy that instant lvl 80 character I WANT AND MUST HAVE t6 gear and t3 pvp gear the moment i create that character.

    But what I also find unfair is that some people got thousand of kills and minigames played on their toons so why not sell kills and minigames played on item shop.And last but not least its pretty unfair that some ppl spent so much time doing achievements be it PvP or PvE, I want to be able to buy achievement unlock for my toons, maybe they need to sell them as a packet with the option for account unlock.

    Also almost forgot the best item that they could sell in item shop, thats an item that allows you to rent a person who can play the character after you buy all these items I mentioned above,so while that person plays the character you can go watch a movie or do something else.....

    What do you think about it?

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