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Thread: Armor/Spell Penetration

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    Armour and Spell Penetration is not so simple to calculate as it is going to be subject to a bit of fuzzy numbers in the background. As noted already there are invulnerabilities which the bosses may begin with and are unknown to us, and there are other uncertainties like what diminishing returns a raid boss has to higher armour/prot scores. If they have very high scores and are subject to diminishing returns then debuffs will accomplish very throughout the diminishing return curve.

    It can also be a little tricky putting in flat % increases due to penetration buffs and I'll try to illustrate with the following example with imaginary numbers:

    (1) No penetration or armour debuffs:

    Base DPS: 1000
    Bosses Mitigation = 5000 = 50%
    Actual Output: 500 DPS

    (2)1000 armour penetration

    Base DPS: 1000
    Bosses Mitigation = 4000 = 40%
    Actual Output = 600 DPS
    This is a 20% increase from (1).

    (3)4000 raid-wide armour debuffs (is: 5x stacks of torments)

    Base DPS: 1000
    Bosses Mitigation = 1000 = 10%
    Actual Output = 900 DPS
    This is an 80% increase from (1)

    (4)4000 raid-wide armour debuffs AND 1000 armour penetration

    Base DPS: 1000
    Bosses Mitigation = 0
    Actual DPS = 1000
    This is a 100% increase from (1)

    However comparing (3) with (4) you gained 11% damage, while comparing (1) with (2) you gained 20% damage. In both instances you only added 1000 penetration but your relative output was significantly different. For this reason a strawman only test is not going to be an accurate reflection of the gains you might find in a raid.

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    In before Suctum complains about maths. Thanks for good numbers both Fass and Boesch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shax84 View Post
    In before Suctum complains about maths. Thanks for good numbers both Fass and Boesch!
    Im doing a more in depth test now. This time Im stripping off t6 gear to have a base of 0 penetration then adding up rune and other penetration buffs. Should give a clearer picture. Also testing igenous (12000 protection), yakhmar (7000 protection) and t1 yakhmar (?????). Not sure if I can get around doing some tests in t4 but possibly I might be able to.

    Im only speaking about spell penetration. You can find my documentation here:

    I'm done gathering numbers and stuffs. I dont know how it will look like in a raid enviorment since I cant apply torments x5 on bosses before they kill me. But I dont think much will change, except your damage.

    Anyways. To sum it up.
    In T6 where the bosses a caster primarily focus have an average protection of roughly 7400 prot (leviathan highest with 10000, Stone Coat lowest with 5000(Not counting Zelandra)See entire list here: red=Not counted in. Zelandra because it's protection is too low to get an accurate average).
    When a boss with 7000 protection (t5 Yakhmar) you will see an increase of roughly 11.78%.
    But in T4.. Where a boss have ???? protection you will see the highest increase of roughly 24.22%
    And in T3 you also get a rather nice boost of roughly 23.45%
    In T2 you will see an increase of roughly 23.43%
    And in T1 you will see a similar increase to t3 and t2.

    Now as you know I based all these tables with crit + inflict maximum damage to get a reliable number that is never random generated. I did go back to Igneous (least pain in the ass to test) doing some additional testing without crits and the results can be seen here.
    No Crticals:
    No Criticals, lower magic damage:

    You can see the damage in % is fairly equal. 7.59%/7.71/7.74.

    but but but.. Something I found rather interesting is the t1 yakhmar hit with 0 penetration was LOWER than t5 yakhmar by roughly 250. BUT when you apply 1125 spell penetration the damage on t1 yakhmar is higher than t5 yakhmar by 10 damage. The reason behind this is most likely because t1 yakhmar is lvl 80 and t5 yakhmar is lvl 85. As you may or may not know protection scales differently depending on levels. 700 prot might be 10% at lvl 80 but only 8% on lvl 85. It means spell penetration is more powerfull in lower raid tiers..

    All in all, you will most likely see an increase from 9 to 24% depending on what you're fighting. If you count torments into the mix the dps is most likely even higher as it removes the protection (making each prot value count less), making the penetration even stronger. Just to give an example. When I have 1129 protection (16.2) one percent is roughly 69.69 protection. When I put on some more protection I get a score of 2341 (32.4) which translates 1% to roughly 72.25 protection. When you get higher values each point is worth less and making spell penetration less usefull. At 4508 protection I get 55.5% = 81.23 per %.
    Note: when you want to calculate protection values correctly you need to remove everything that boosts your mitigation as that doesnt counts from the protection score. Defensive stance and tactic: defense for a guardian.

    Hopefully someone else than me finds this usefull in what to wear.
    Professional northmen slayer of saga
    {Circle of Eternity}

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