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Thread: Armor/Protection to mitigation formula

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    Default Armor/Protection to mitigation formula

    So a while ago I got curious about how the mitigation percentage is calculated, and quickly figured it was linear until 50 %.
    Pre 50 % is simply your armor/protection divided by a certain number. 219.6 for armor and 73.7 for protection (at level 80). This number is proportional to your level, which is important later on.

    I want to thank cynara for coming up with the method to determining these exact values. I was actually inspired by his blogpost. I wanted to make a long post like his explaining how I went about to find the correct formula post 50 %. But I'm not gonna do that, so I'll just post my finds here.

    Well anyway for the formula:

    Let a be the same divisor as the pre-50 formula. Lets say 73.7 for protection at level 80.
    Let x be the amount of protection you have.

    mitigation = 50 ( 2 - 100/(50 + x/a) )

    I had some failed attmepts before finding this, but the thing that helped me the most was finding some points in the extremes.
    Basically the 1650 protection buff given to a level 2 is equivalent to 66000 protection on a level 80, giving 94.7 % mitigation.

    Its the same formula for armor just different values of a.

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    Wow, that's very interesting! Excellent work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynara View Post
    Wow, that's very interesting! Excellent work!
    Thanks. Loved your post on the subject.

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