Hey all,

We have an important announcement regarding Rage, the Blood & Glory PvP server:

On May 12th, 2016, Rage and Fury have become one.

All active characters that have been logged in to Rage since January 1, 2016, have been transferred to Fury, the PvP server.

Attention: All characters created after this announcement (April 13, 2016) will not be transferred from Rage. If your character from Rage has a name already taken on Fury, the character from Rage will be flagged for a name change.

Additionally, there are certain limitations imposed on characters that are migrated from Rage:

The following will not be transferred:

  • All items in the Trader (Bank/Mail/Tradepost)
  • All items in the Resource Inventory
  • All Guild data and Guild Bank inventory
  • Unbound BoE equipment
  • Gold in “reserves” due to not being a Premium Member
  • UPDATE: Any item that sells for 2G or more to a vendor

The following will be transferred, with limits:

  • Cash over 20G will not be transferred.
  • Stackable items may have additional restrictions. - Update: Stack sizes on all stackable items, such as Halloween Candy, have been reduced to 1.

The following will be kept fully intact:

  • Equipped power and vanity equipment
  • All items bound to your character outside of the restrictions listed above
  • Most items in your Quest Inventory - Update: The Unforged Crest of Ibis and Strange Malleable Alloy were removed from transferred characters' inventories.

If you feel that anything removed from your character was done so in error, please contact customer support at http://help.funcom.com/.
Additionally, if your character was not active during this period, please note that they are not permanently deleted. Please contact customer support for recovery assistance.
Thanks for your attention!