The Pit Master's Arena is now live! Fight exotic and deadly beasts for fame and fortune within this Cimmerian Arena, or challenge other players to prove your dominance!
You may locate the Cimmerian Arena in the Field of the Dead. Quests leading you to its location are available from Isolde in Conarch Village.

The interface is updated to better organize your social options! The "Companions" tab is now named the "Other" tab, with subcategories for "Mounts," "Pets," "Paths," and "Social" found within!

We hope you'll enjoy the arena as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

  • Ursa Major is now a swift mount.
  • Ursa of Solstice Past is now a swift mount.
  • Khitan characters can now correctly summon Companion: Ancestral Spirit.
  • All expansion pets now have a normalized cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Khopshef Province - Rebuilt a collapsed pier.

  • Spell fatality chance no longer believes it is 100 times strong than it actually is.
  • Under Combos & Special Abilities, the old "Companions" tab has now become the "Other" tab and has been moved to the right of "Perks."
  • The "Other" tab is broken up into four categories: "Mounts," "Pets," "Paths," and "Social."
  • All mounts, pets, and paths can be found in the category that shares their name. The "Social" category contains all Dances, Social Abilities, and Unlimited Morphs.

  • Increased Strength and decreased Combat Rating (Fire) on Boots of the Eternal Blaze.
  • Changed the appearance of Boots of the Eternal Blaze to correctly match the rest of the set.

  • Barbarian stances should now correctly have one and only one overhead effect each.

Conarch Village
  • The Shadow of Vanaheim - Fixed an issue that could cause Hakan the Shade to not spawn in Fort Storisbjorn.

  • The achievement "Neutralize the Calvary" will now be properly awarded if completed while in Fort Storisbjorn.
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent players from receiving credit for the "Not As Easy As It Sounds" achievement.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Blood-Steel Agile Ice Bear and Prime Blood-Steel Ice Bear to block each other from incrementing the "Mounted" achievements. Players that have both mounts can summon them again to receive credit they may have missed.