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Thread: Was the crafting revamp scrapped?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelkjar View Post
    .. But revising crafting alone won't bind new players or bring old ones back in my opinion.
    I personally know 8 players who are waiting for crafting revamp to return back in AoC. I can imagine how much they are actually
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    I honestly don't know if that number you posted means you're trolling, trying to form Hyborias first trade-union or if you're serious about this, but I still think that content is what this game would need, as stated in this post. And crafting is not content. On the other hand, Achievements are also hardly content and yet people seem to be farming them, though most titles are pretty boring or require pretty much grind (like the kill 10000 XX quests). I miss the whacky stuff like "for once it isnt Guano", "Beach Bum", "the teachers pet" (....) and others from WAR which were also awarded for far more things.
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    Doesn't even need a full revamp, could just put in the recipies that got removed way back, like the potions and such (there used to be fire / disease / cold / elec ) resistance potions. Fix Onyx chambers quests, and it would be a hotspot again, since a lot of recipies are there.

    Maybe make some of the items needed to complete quests, say raid item + craft item trade in for a final item?

    I know I spent over a years worth of playtime on my primary crafter, a lot of that was crafting hunting.

    Granma I think was about 1yr.
    Fhukinlag and Vaere are about about 1/2 of that I think.

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    Default Ok ,, so crafting is still the same then??

    If I'm getting this right ,, the crafting revamp has stalled ,, but is still in the process of being revamped ,, but at this moment in time ,, everything is as it was ,, correct??

    Which means the crafting grind is the same, the recipe book gathering is the same and the mat grind remains the same ,, correct??

    ( forgive my questioning ,, its been years since I've been on ,, and I'm still feeling my way through all the changes ),

    So my question is for the recipe book gathering grind ,, are they still the same and still drop with the same Bosses ,, and is there still a list of which Bosses drop these recipe books ,, or has that all been wiped??

    I only ask because I've seen little progression and little crafted items in the trading post since I arrived back ,, when I left in 2012 it was pretty big and there were only rumors of a revamp being voiced ,,

    Cheers guys for your patience ,, and any info would appreciated.

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    As far as i know all the recipes still drop from the same bosses they always have, at the exception of the Armament of Forgotten Kingdoms (cultural weapons recipe) that used to drop from prince Abaddon in caravan raiders hideout, because that one boss is no longer available.
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