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Thread: Is ranger THAT boring to play ?

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    Default Is ranger THAT boring to play ?

    Hey guys, old player coming back to the game

    I have a ranger around level 50, and I remember there was a revamp that basically made the rangers doing "up arrow, down arrow, use your skill" thing. The traps that buff your damage etc.
    I've read people saying that that update made the ranger stale and boring to play.

    Is it true once you get at high level ?
    I'm playing a HoX but I'm not a huge fan of slow attacks, I like when things go quick. If only I could make a stygian dual-wielding swords I'd be happy but hey, I'll take what I got. (Already tested assassin but it's not my thing^^)

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    i guess it depends if your main focus is pve or pvp...

    if it's pvp, prepare to receive a lot of qq from other players, complaining that you're op, the class require no skill, and such sh*t...

    if it's pve, the basic rotation is just up, down, deadly draw*, up, down, pen. shot. a bit boring, but also before revamp the rotation was basically alternating 2 ranks of salvo... at least now you're a bit more mobile, because you can move for about 5 seconds between every attack, while before the mobility between each combo step was very limited.

    * or bleeding puncture, until you have the perk

    that said, i think the best thing you can do is just play the class a bit. for example, if you're interested in pve, you could look for a purist group of your level, to see if you like the way the class plays in groups...
    at lvl 50, i'd use a spec like this:

    "in the depths of a mind insane fantasy and reality are the same"

    Yawgmoth (Ranger) - Nyxathid (Necro) - Yixlid (HoX) - Kaltas (DT) - Heung (BS) - Teysa (HoX) - Gatzu (Guard) - Krovax (Ranger) - Hurkyl (Barb) - Vedalken (PoM)

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    Depends on the situation, really. In solo pve, ranger is one of the more challenging toons to play. You can't pull multiple mobs and aoe them to death like mages or healers, or stand and tank them like soldiers. Mez shot is one of your best pve tools, but in some places, like Iron Stats, hide is disabled, so you can't use it. Range is your best friend in pve too, but some bosses, like those in Dead Man's Hand, don't spawn till you talk to them, so you're at a disadvantage there too.

    In raids, ranger has more to do than fire off arrows or bolts. With up to six CCs at ready disposable, ranger can play a main role at controlling adds in T3 keeper fight and stopping runners in T4 General fight. Since ranger is a rogue, his finely honed / tainted weapons come into play in MC, as well as in K6-man dungeons.

    So... is ranger more boring than other ranged toons, like say demo or necro? I think not. Is it as demanding as playing a main tank or healer? Probably not. But then again, some nights you just want to sit back and fire away without having to stress out about swapping agro or getting that heal off at the right time.

    Personally, I prefer the ranger-style combo. I can choose whether to use no buff, an upper only, a lower only, or both buffs, and then can switch finisher at the last second, unlike other melee classes which have to follow a pre-determined order to get to the finisher. This gives the ranger a lot more flexibility than other toons. If only Funcom had made different buff options available with all the directionl keys. Then ranger would have been the most awesome class in the game

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    In PvE, for those that say "rangers are boring" - I wonder if they actually play a ranger. My next question would be if they completed the Khemi Halloween quest solo? If you care to check back, all the QQ'n about the Khemi Halloween quest being impossible on a ranger is quite entertaining. I did it multiple times on my pure bow ranger and it was certainly challenging, but a lot of fun too!
    Rangers are very enjoyable both solo and in groups, it's just a different style of play like all offered in the game. The "stick and move" style of the ranger is fun for me, swapping targets, trapping, adjusting CC's, moving about the battle... it does take some skill.

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    I feel that another way to love a class is if you are a concept player. Since my main in every mmorpg is a ranger, I have learned to love rangers no matter the game.
    The ranger can be a little slow with some combos but once you rip aggro you will no longer be bored lol
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    Play a ranger in a single full clear of T4 and you will be ready for another class.

    Up>down>DD>up>down>Pen.....over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

    Throw in 1 advantage every 30 seconds and 1 trap every 20 its a rodeo.

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    @ Thunderclese
    you forgot marked target and marked for death... :-p

    anyway, the relative simplicity of the class, combined with the range, makes it easier to have a better view of the whole fight. as a matter of fact, the best raidleader i've ever known was a ranger.
    "in the depths of a mind insane fantasy and reality are the same"

    Yawgmoth (Ranger) - Nyxathid (Necro) - Yixlid (HoX) - Kaltas (DT) - Heung (BS) - Teysa (HoX) - Gatzu (Guard) - Krovax (Ranger) - Hurkyl (Barb) - Vedalken (PoM)

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    this class got totally destroyed by the revamp!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribuuu View Post
    this class got totally destroyed by the revamp!
    The only comment worth reading so far....
    Doomsayer 2008

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    Not gonna lie, at release yea the salvo was OP at low level, but the gameplay and choices were there. Crossbow OR bow, pros & cons, now it's all the same. What bugs me in group pve is that the ranger, has to be at mid/close-range to activate the traps. So as a ranger you're like.. 5 meters away from the target. It feels really weird. I did enjoyed the class back then.

    Guess I'll stick with my HoX until I can make a stygian barbarian/conq :P

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