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    Not sure if here is the place I should complain about this.

    I am returning to the game after some time off, I find my 3 characters in 3 different servers (I only noticed it because some player killed me...) I never had any intention on being in any PVP servers and honestly I do not recall even having characters in different and servers now I find 2 of my characters in PVP.

    I think when the server merge was done they where simply added 1 to each server by order of creation (PVE, PVP, more PVP).

    Now I know its possible to pay to have the characters moved, but since I did not have any saying in that I was wondering if its possible to have 2 of them moved to Crom (PVE) where I was counting they should be.

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    best place is write petition in game and speak to a GM or email to customer service

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    Indeed, you should contact Customer Service. The details on how to do so are in this announcement.
    Short cuts make long delays.

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    I have never heard before of the Server Merges causing characters to move from PvE to PvP servers, or PvP to PvE. All servers merges retained rule-sets.

    A more likely possibility assuming you are 100% positive you created all characters on a PvE server is that someone else got access to your account and either moved toons during the free transfer periods, or paid for character transfers.

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