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Thread: WE'RE BACK!!! - Age of Conan Videos Return!

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    Default WE'RE BACK!!! - Age of Conan Videos Return!

    WE'RE BACK! New videos will be coming back soon to the channel

    Be sure to check back on the channel ( and the old thread ( for new posted episodes!

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    Welcome back!

    With more youtubes, active streamers and an active Community Manager, it seems the year is finishing on a positive note

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    That's excellent, looking forward to it!
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    Wellcome back!! I really enjoyed your vids.

    I'll try to make some PvP vids aswell (maybe demo and sin pov).
    It's nice to see community alive and on track
    Retired nab.. once it was Korando (PvP 10 BS), Andromaeda (PvP 10 Sin), Calore (PvP 10 Demo) and minions...

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    Fantastic ;

    Always a blast watching your AoC pvp videos.

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    Damn. I was hoping for more goat simulator.
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    What does this video have anything to do with "PvP"?

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    Stickied the main thread. I may move it to a more appropriate forum if it's not about PvP, but for now it'll stay where it is.
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