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Thread: [Video] T6: Igneous and the other 2 unicorns

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    Default [Video] T6: Igneous and the other 2 unicorns

    Kill video of Tainted Souls vs the 3 Unicorns, barb perspective, probably not the most exciting perspective but nonetheless, enjoy.
    EvitoQQ @ YouTube
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    Nice video ^^

    Tbh I havent watched any AOC raid movies before, and I see your youtube library got plenty. Time to "grind" thru a few of them

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    I won't fall into the trap this time ! I will watch it only once I have already killed them...which will happen...eventually...maybe...may the force be with us

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    Thanks for posting Evito.
    Really nice video as always.

    Seems the Conqs have a fun job.. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maark View Post
    Seems the Conqs have a fun job.. :P
    I blame mages for slacking on that and leaving it to the poor conqs!

    At least now that every boss can easily be solo tanked this tactic doesn't require a ton of tanks. It does make it a bit less interesting imo. I'd have preferred they 'fixed' this fight by giving 100% fire invul to the the sand storm and stone spear spawners every time they spawn stone spear/sand storm or something similar.

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