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Thread: Monthly develpment update

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    Quote Originally Posted by iudexinferi View Post
    I guess the issue with Instance Finder vs PUG/normal raids thru global is;

    Some people, like myself, log on for a brief session of AOC. Joining a global pug/raid which might include waiting for the needed numbers joining (with correct class etc) might be less than desirable.
    So I would just join a group automatically (if the feature is semi-properly made) and "instant" gratification.
    Will this reduce the number of people joining PUGs/raids? Possibly, but it will most certainly get people less inclined to join the "global" made raids, to actually join and get expirience thru an automatical system.
    Personally I find it very useful in WOW (when I played). Sometimes I joined (in AOC and wow) groups with friends, but more often than not; automatic groups.
    If it would be something you sign on and let it go on auto while you do other content and then get back to where you were before (as a minigame), there might be a niche for it. They would still have to adjust to players declining to join when it triggers (so maybe sent start signal only when 9/6 signed or 16/12). You can even think of signing triggering access to a special chat channel, so you can socialize before the instance while doing other ingame stuff while waiting (similar to a group chat, with difference that it should not bug quests and night instances).

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Odon View Post
    This new system is intended to provide a variety of boss encounter scenarios that will be associated with the pet and companion system! This means that encounter types, difficulty, and complexity may vary depending on which companion you have active.
    Hopefully we can access our pets account wide for this. I have well over 150 pets but spread over about 10 characters. Only about 5 people that I know off have more then 100 pets on a single toon.
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    I wonder if the December Dev update is going to be skipped completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    I wonder if the December Dev update is going to be skipped completely.
    Until they prove otherwise, any update this year looks slim.
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    Monthly Development Update for desember please.!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant start slacking with them this quick Odonoptera

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    Agree. A new year - a new expectations. Therefore everybody is so impatient.
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    I'll see what I can do about that. Thanks for your patience
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    May i ask why Paysafecard payment option was removed?
    Just wanted to buy 4800 FC points for 2 character transfers to fury , but i guess Funcom doesnt want that money .
    And i wont even bother creating a Paypal account. Or paying with Credit Card ? lol no chance i will do that
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    That's not really for this thread; if you have questions about PSC and other payment methods, you may PM me for an explanation, or you may e-mail in at
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    Not sure why we need a December dev letter. I'd bet not a lot got done. Most people usually take half the month off (week of christmas + new years week).

    Plus, we already know what's on the table to be implemented: PvP/PvE arena, Raid finder, finishing Slithering Chaos, and possibly transition from a "freemium" business model to a Buy 2 play model.

    What else could be said besides "it's still being worked on"?

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