• The "Show target's current target" option now defaults to being enabled.

  • The unintended 'Can only have one' tag has been removed from the Mini-Pet: Undead Guardian.
  • Hero's Clan Blade will no longer drop as a possible weapon for Dark Templars when opening the Slayers Cache of the Portents.

Palace of Cetriss
  • Damage dealt by the Visceratus' have been halved.
  • Melee damage dealt by Stone Coat and Brittle Back has been lowered.
  • Melee and Molten Stone damage dealt by Igneous has been lowered slightly.
  • Casting time for Gift of Ishtar has been slightly increased.
  • Health values of the 2 sub-bosses has been decreased.
  • Shuriken Blades and Shadow Visage now have improved targeting feedback.
  • Faceless forms will no longer execute the effects of their Consuming spell if killed mid-cast.