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Thread: [Video] Temple of Erlik 6 man

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    Default [Video] Temple of Erlik 6 man

    Temple of Erlik cleared with 6 players, DT perspective. Turned out to be a fun challenge (particularly the Bat since the DPS race is there too).

    Archfiend of Gore:

    Arch Lector Zaal:

    Bat of Nergal:
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    Sigh. Do I need to explain Veil of the Unliving again?

    Also, total healers job. But gz anyways.

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    Thx Sunstar!
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    Valar Morgulis!

    Great Job on the team effort? By all means, congrats on that.

    Impressive? Sorry no. Not, since FC turned T 3.5 in a "Whack the Piniata Festival"
    that even makes the Worldboss blush. No offense guys, FC's doings ain't your fault
    and far is it from me to belittle your efforts in that matter!

    As for me, i'm just glad i've had the opportunity to earn my T 3.5 spurs - along with a
    couple of items - way before 4.7.
    Never thought i'd say it - 'specially not when considering the way we parted ways - but
    my special thanks here to Feadara & the whole ~Shapur~ T 3.5 raidteam for that.
    (No worries, no flattery intended)

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    Awesome.. Good job guys..
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    Nice job meeting the dps race components on Zaal melee phases and Bat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan615 View Post
    Nice job meeting the dps race components on Zaal melee phases and Bat.
    There is no dps race on Zaal, he takes percentage wise damage to himself every few seconds and with that damage alone it's enough to kill before the enrage, as long as you don't heal it with the ruins, wracks, tormets etc no dps is requried.
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