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Thread: Petition for Buddy Queue Mini's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suctum View Post
    Actually casters are pretty scarce. It's mainly babs and rangers, as well as a bunch if double bubble conqs. Most games lastbonly a few minutes, because most players rather win on objectives than actual PvP.
    Yea a lot of decap barbs . But I "enjoyed" quite a few PEW PEW only minis
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    A lot of elitist whining going on in this thread
    A lot of Fury better than Crom bitching too
    A lot of disdain for opposing opinions and denigrating each other

    If I was FC I would never bother touching this particular can of worms

    You would think adult people could act like it

    /not signed btw
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suctum View Post
    And back in 2008 and 2009 you pretty much got nothing for losing in PvP, you were forced to learn to be better so you could win.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt2013 View Post
    You are right that minis have a really bad learning curve nowadays. I still remember 2009 and 2010 where even with premades, you had a chance (and time) to try out things and learn a bit. But i do not blame the rewards, i blame the resspadfarmpatch and the power explosion in pvp.
    The main difference is that in 2008/09, there were no rewards worth speaking of, other than the feeling of having won. Agree with Kurt on this. Don't agree regarding the respad patch, I don't think it brought any real change at all. Previously, people who had given up stayed on the respad, now they move away and go into hide. The outcome is the same.
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    Well, the main reason why FC introduced the PUG minigame queue was because it would be impossible to have the group balancing mechanism working together with group sign ups, which means you can either have archetype-wise balanced groups or buddy sign ups. I still remember the times when one group had 4 healers and the other didnt have any, so if you are a rouge and your buddy is a mage (or vice versa), you could get screwed A LOT with the petitioned buddy system. Yes, this can curently happen too, but not that often and it could be pretty easily remedied by postponing the class distribution to the groups to when 12 ppl actually join the minigame, not just sign up.
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    I hate the PUG minigames system, but by allowing group signups to random minigame queque Funcom would just make things even worse.
    Current balance issues would be even worse.

    The option for fun and competitive minigames already exists and is called Tournament Mode.

    Random minigame queque must stay there to allow to play some PvP at times of the day / week you can't get 2 organized groups up.
    Sometimes you still get some decent fight even in random minigames, even thought indeed most times is crap.

    This sad, if most people want a single buddy sign up (a duo), I guess that could be quite ok aswell.
    But no more please (3 players or more) for random mimigame queque.

    Get PvP friends and fight with them in Premades, that's the way to go.
    And personally, a bit offtopic, I often prefer playing versus friends than with them. It's more fun to kill people you know
    So who cares if your friend ends in the other side or yours.. both are ok to have fun together.
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    The whole point of the thread is so we can sign up with a friend. It's not about what time of day minis pop, it's not about what we think it takes to organize premades. PvP is an organic process, its really quite simple. Friends make a group so they can play together, multiple groups of friends do this at once, because no one enjoys playing alone. Now you have a full queue. Perhaps some puggers get in, they decide to make another group. It doesn't really take any planning to make all this happen. The only thing holding back this process is that funccom has segregated group PvP for such a long time that the game has institutionalized pug minis into a culture.

    People dont want others to make groups, it ruins the chance of getting an OP pug and getting easy wins. Without easy wins, people lose. They ate not interestedin knowing why they lost, they only want to get back into the lottery queue so they can spin again fir a win. So people progress, they achieve, yet they do not really earn anything themselves. So now you have high level so called pvpers running around who skill wise are as bad years later as they were starting off. People that actually can play get frustrated with this and finally leave. The sad part is that this is a culture problem more than anything funccom could fix in game, so its not likely we will ever see a resolve unless the culture changes.
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    If Funcom is not willing to make new maps (which is pretty sad tbh to have so few maps in a 7+ yr game), then keep the existing maps, make a separate group queue, and make them 3 vs 3, no pugging.

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