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Thread: Night of all Souls - Halloween Quest 2015 - Quest and Achievement Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmagowz View Post
    Also if you kill more when enough mobs and trigger next stage in Noble Night, you can't port in and out to find boss - Hadrathus just port you to Catacombs.
    the log out/in method only works (if at all) here, after you have "finished" Nobles, but not entered Catacombs yet - in this case there might be a chance to still get the 2nd boss
    (you will be able to access the area since the barricades are off after you survived this stage)

    for the 3rd boss I don't think this would work: killing the final boss will bind you to this instance and you would need to stay outside for 30 minutes;
    - if that method works here at all, as the final kill will normally clear the instance
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    You mention that you get 110 Achievement Points, but in-game it shows 100.

    Also, you say "Five new social item", but I count 4. The 2 necklaces, Hood of the Hallowed Name, and the Shawl of Asuran Wrath. What is your 5th one?

    Good guide overall.

    A guildie of mine also said that on the final boss in catacombs, if you let him spawn up 3 (or more?) adds without killing any, the boss will 1-shot you. Haven't confirmed that myself.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Khaletohep View Post
    The Halloween Quest 2015 takes you etc etc...
    Valar Morgulis!

    Very nicely done, Kalle!
    See you tonight.

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    Updated two points.
    Make Hyboria raid again!

    Khaletoheps AoC-Youtube-Channel:

    Guides zu Klassen & allen HM-Solo-Inis:

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    Push for 2016 - quest is active again.
    Make Hyboria raid again!

    Khaletoheps AoC-Youtube-Channel:

    Guides zu Klassen & allen HM-Solo-Inis:

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