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Thread: The Legend of Conan plans?

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    Talking The Legend of Conan plans?

    So, I guess no one has missed the upcoming movie The Legend of Conan starring good old Arnold again. In other words, a great opportunity for Funcom to try to shake som life into this game again,,, or not. Will Funcom do anything to hype Age of Conan game and put some resources into the game, hopefully creating new content specific for the movie release? Or will Funcom miss another chance of redemption?

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    I wouldn't count on much

    6/ With The Legend of Conan in production and Paradox Entertainment fully backing the reboot will AOC also provide content based on the film? You have already confirmed that it might happen, but are you perceiving it as a great opportunity for the game to reach new players? Did the last Conan The Barbarian movie with Jason Momoa have any significant impact on AOC population?

    I think anything that spreads the word of Conan out to more people (and I mean the general REH word of Conan) is a good thing for the game. I’m sure we’ll do some tie-ins to the movie, it really does depend on the scope I am given for said tie-ins.
    I don’t have the numbers from the period around the release of the earlier movie, but it is always hard to pinpoint the cause and effect around population fluctuations, so I usually don’t play the guessing game unless there is a large and very obvious trend.
    Age of Conan’s population is at a point where it seems to be quite resilient to the factors that affect other games – like newly released MMORPGs for example.

    Also all the recent Arnold movies tanked.

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    I wished Funcom could afford to hire 1 more guy, so that the only guy employed atm at least can have a coffee break. ; D

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    Default THAT takes bringing people on and back

    Quote Originally Posted by Penny View Post
    I wished Funcom could afford to hire 1 more guy, so that the only guy employed atm at least can have a coffee break. ; D
    As I stated in my Title, that means actually fixing all the bugs, exploits etc that have plaqued the game from launch. That means making AOC THE game that was promised to everyone, PVE, PVP. Expanding content but making sure the same old tired arsed bugs have been also cleared and fixed.... in a word, not gonna happen.
    You either accept it as is, or well you don't. I returned and brought 3 back with me, but that's not going to keep the lights on and new content flowing...

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