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    Hey guys. Just wondering how is the state of low level pvp on fury an rage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanCorana View Post
    Non-existent, huh? I'm getting ganked cause I'm coming too close to a noob in PvP gear...Funcom PvP gear, btw, and it's non-existent. If that's non-existent, I wish I could be that non-existent.

    I had just leveled my guy Suvukai out of Tortage. Returned to White Sands Isle for some PvP fun the other day when a guy passes me farming Picts...PICTS!!! I didn't see the Assassin that had come out from hiding. She was in Funcom PvP gear and obviously had bought the max rank spells and combos pack, too. I had to get one of my guildies to help me off the resurrection pad. My guild doesn't believe in ganking. I didn't touch other guy. But when she attacked me, I fired back. Got my butt handed to me too. She was same PvE level as me (25), PvP level 2, I think.
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    I see lowbies pvping in white sands all the time.
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