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Thread: Choosing a class?

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    Smile Choosing a class?

    I just subscibed to a mouth of AOC and I need some help on choosing what class to play. Last time I played AOC was about 5 years ago and I used to main a DT, which was actually really cool, but now I wanna try something different. I was thinking about grabbing a mage, but after roaming the forums a bit they seem to get alot of hate. I was also thinking about playing a ToS, but Im not sure, since it's a healer and Im afraid I might not like it endgame. Any suggestions? What do you guys love to play?

    Thanks in advance <3

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    tos is good. but if you want a mage, go hox.

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    Valar Morgulis!

    ToS is pretty nice yes, but if you're looking
    to play a mage, i'd suggest Necro any day !

    Btw, welcome back to AoC!
    Take care
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    Any class except ranger is a good choice, though the melee classes are more unique to aoc than the casters (demo,necro,tos,pom) who are more standard mmo stuff (though the lack of a global cooldown in aoc makes them more smooth to play than in some mmos imo). It is significantly harder to get into the endgame as a soldier than any other class though, because you're both usually expected to tank, the hardest role which requires the most knowledge of an encounter, and you also need way more gear to perform well. PvE in aoc isn't a complete joke in terms of difficulty unlike most popular mmos.

    Get a newb-friendly, active guild when you reach lvl 80, because starting out with pugging is very difficult if you don't know the game well (and even then it takes a very long time due to the low population and people who are burnt out from doing the entry-level dungeons).

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    Thanks for the tips, I've created a Necromancer, and so far it seems pretty cool. I'm gonna level it up to atleast 30-40 and then see if I'll stick with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retlig View Post
    ... I wanna try something different. I was thinking about grabbing a mage, but after roaming the forums a bit they seem to get alot of hate. ... Any suggestions? What do you guys love to play? ...
    I would never let forum squealers stop me from doing anything... Ever lol...
    I really do enjoy playing all the classes but some are more personal favorites than others.
    My top 4 are Conqueror, Assassin, Demonologist, and Bear Shaman and they all seem to rotate as to which is my current favorite. Both Conqueror and Assassin I leveled to 80 long before either were revamped to /faceroll status and they were my favorites back then too. Conqueror was my 1st 80, Demonologist was my 2nd 80. I love playing melee classes and thankfully my Bear Shaman was the last of all 12 classes I hit 80 on because it is a steam-rolling riot of fun. The Demo is a welcome break from melee at times and frankly I just love the sounds and visuals to playing a Havoc (Lightning) specced Demo, plus all their CC's make it more enjoyable to me.

    Necro is a beast too. Plus you have the ability, if dual feat specs are available, to experiment with playing with pets or going petless.
    You are wise to level into the 30s before making a decision since that is when all classes really develop and blossom their identities.

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    Agreed play what you want to lots of people will say lots of things about every class and a lot of it is second and third hand and even more is nonsense. Play what you want there will be something that suits your style. Myself I like sins and barbs for a lot of reasons but I also have a high level guard that was and is lots of work but is rewarding to play for very different reasons than a sin or barb.

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    WElcome back man.

    I play necromancer and I love it. Its worth a try

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    Cool I going to cruch you

    Quote Originally Posted by mazraq View Post
    welcome back man.

    I play necromancer and i love it. Its worth a try:d
    i want to play the game

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