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    Hi all, I recently just hit 80 Conq and I was wondering what gear should I get as a fresh 80 so I can solo farm Khitai a bit easier as well as be semi respectable if I need to tank anything. Thanks

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    Unfortunately, there aren't all that many quick items to get as a soldier, it's by a big margin the hardest archetype to gear up, at least as a tank. Even though they aren't good for tanking, you should consider getting an Eye of the Watcher neck and 1/2 Energetic Rings of the trader, as they're among the best accessories you can get (for DPS) until faction/Cang Jei stuff. The PvP rings for 75silver are also alright, as they give a decent amount of crit and con though most of the combat rating doesn't work in PvE. The epic necklace for soldiers from Iron Tower HM is actually pretty decent as well, but can be hard to get due to how many classes want strength. Best early cape you can get is Black Dragon Cloak, you can usually get the quest shared from someone in any Vistrix pug.

    Blue armor pieces and weapons are usually not worth your time due to their low DPS and armor values, so I wouldn't invest in a crafted set unless you got more money than you know what to do with. Unfortunately, farming the WB that's coming soon might be your best bet to quickly get enough mitigation to start (off)tanking dungeons. If you have an active guild, I'd rather get carried through unchained runs as carnage and get some useful items, for instance the blue con rings from AoK are really good, and even blue pieces of the unchained sets that you get all the time from boxes are decent starter gear.

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    If you've got a good amount of vet tokens, you can take a week or so spamming quests to level up faction with last legion or wolves of the steppe, then use the tokens to buy about 400 simple trophies 3 and I think about 2600 MoAs. That will let you buy a complete set of blue armor with purple wrists and boots, that will get you ready for the mona/palace runs that go all day. I think it would cost about 800-900 vet tokens. If you're shy of that amount, a two weeks doing the northern grassland faction quests should get you close to the MoAs you need.
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    Hm for starting it will never hurt to get some xibulaku gear and mix it with T1-T2 (depending on the encounter ofc)
    Gear from House of crom is also nice because it has massive Const.
    And yea as already mentioned , the aok accessories are pretty nice
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    Thanks for the tips, as for weapons, I was thinking of picking up a carnage to start, but I'm not sure with 1h's to get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikpik View Post
    Thanks for the tips, as for weapons, I was thinking of picking up a carnage to start, but I'm not sure with 1h's to get.
    If you just want to throw a little gold at the problem, go with 2 blue iron hammers.

    If the want to spend some FC points in the item shop, believe it or not the t1 pvp 1h arent bad to start in pve. When I started the conk that is my current main I swore I would never grind gear again and bought them, did pretty well on parses in a carnage spec for a while.

    Long term, after you get some rares and do some dungeons, Blossoming Death and a Tigerswipe for offhand from Yag make a killer dw set, unless you've got the cash for ibises.

    T1 and t2 1h drop from world boss and there are t1/t2 raids running, pretty easy to get those, for conk the barb 1h and dt 1h are just as good as the conk-specific 1h.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikpik View Post
    Thanks for the tips, as for weapons, I was thinking of picking up a carnage to start, but I'm not sure with 1h's to get.
    World Boss is only a couple days away ~ you can get a whole set in one or two nights.
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    Starting carnage weapons? What about:

    Two raids and they are free. Quest rewards in Black Ring Citadel.

    Once as Carnage and offtank, do a few old world Unchained instance runs, and maybe get lucky for armor bits. Helm, Chest, Wrists and Hands are epics and quite nice.

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    Mix culture gear with culture weapons. Get some Acheronian pieces with Garnet of Blood gems to get health tap rating and go carnage-tanking the mobs, switching from frenzy to defensive from time to time. Get Vanaheim as the rest.
    Two 1-handed culture weapons should be all right.
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