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    Funcom has clearly stated that their business plan is to develop games with a successful launch and then move into the next project. If I remember correctly they said that they were trying to focus on two-year projects which would be considered less of a risk than creating another TSW. I compleletly agree with the principle of supporting the company through subs but many of us have been supporting them since launch or before - purchased unnecessary items through the online store and buying yearly subs. All of our money has went to developing LEGO, this is nothing new. For years players have been saying our sub money has been going toward the secret world and yet no one could come to reality that that's what was actually happening, it's was the "doom and gloom" talk of 2009/10 and sitting here five or six years later we see that Funcom screwed their players yet again by doing the same thing with Lego. It's not about the success of the company at this point but rather the success of those in charge making a huge initial profit while a great company who deserves to be one of the best after age of Conan was launched is in loose terms abandoned.

    These are just my words and expressing how I feel about giving funcom any money. I would want nothing more than to buy a one year sub again at this very moment, but until funcom announces a different business model of actually supporting a game for the purpose to longevity beyond a couple of year, I'd rather see funcom and all their games die and crash and burn in a horrible and regrettable way as a consequence for the stupidity of those higher up- but in the other hand, those in charge have nothing to lose because they've already made their millions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustaine View Post
    I hope they make the technology available for private servers; should it all go to hell .

    Well, there's one game that went the other direction; Neverwinter Nights. They went from local servers to MMO.

    Personally, if FunCom made a private server version of AoC, one where I could be ref for my friends or join in with them on a pure AI session, I'd buy that in a flash. I would easily drop $100 on such a product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slith View Post
    do you know any company that did that with their shut down MMO?
    EA did with the MMO they took over when they took over the original Origin, Earth & Beyond I think it was called, they released the server code to the public so it could live on.
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