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Thread: Give Ganjatemplar his name back!!!!!!!

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    Default Give Ganjatemplar his name back!!!!!!!

    Hey guys
    A fellow guildy named Ganjatemplar lost his name that he hold for ages due to a fricking pvp retard guy who reported him,allegedly that his name contained the term 'ganja' which is linked to cannabis.I wont get into details about this absurb GM desicion but now Ganja has opened up a petition in this address: to retake his name back.

    Please spread the word and sign over this petition.

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    Ganja is legal in many places and clearly the funcom employee that processed this issue was under it's influence.

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    Default Ban the petition-hammer-swinging , retarded-QQ-monkey , immersion-destroying-bunny-hopping pvp turds !!!

    Well first of all forcing the ganjaguy to rename is pretty ridiculous , there are other guys with more ban-able names out there .
    Maybe the GM lost against ganja in pvp ?
    But why is the name so important ^^

    By the way , do you have a pvp9 demo on fury called"sardanapale" ? Just wondering
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    Poor ganja, but they will not rollback his name for sure. Btw. whats his new name? Thcsoldier?

    Still giving him my voice. RIP Ganja :/
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    GMs in AoC are well known to be just as clueless as they are useless.

    What baffles me is that those GMs will never ban or do anything against an actual cheater reported in a minigame. And then one of them takes a stand on something as irrelevant as a name having a plant in it. And a plant that even the tight ass US are starting to recognize as medicinal instead of being a drug.

    Plus, as said already, many names are just stupid, insulting and gross, and no GM does anything about it.

    The only thing i can think of is that some GMs are still linked to certain players/guilds and will just do the most ridiculous thing, like handing over T4 gear back in time, or T5 nowadays, which still keeps happening btw.

    In the end, GMs are so useless that we might as well just have none in AoC, we would at least avoid those retarded situations.
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    Quick survey:

    You have a great game out there which has its playerbase dwindling due to your continued half-assed update policy and because you've been taking each cent it earned for you to fund other games with less bright futures.
    How do you continue in this situation?

    [ ] Get real and finally realize that this project is worth more manpower and funding because it has been financially stable during the last years even though funding was cut to below zero ages ago
    [x] Try being creative in other fields such as finding new ways to piss of the rest of the dwindling playerbase one by one

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    The name has been returned to me. I want to thank everyone who supported and the GM who made the final call.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mastermakkara View Post
    The name has been returned to me. I want to thank everyone who supported and the GM who made the final call.

    You're welcome ganja.. wooops
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    Grats! Funcom have so much problems, it's sad what their GMs spend their time for such stupid things

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    Is the gm that forced you to change your names serious?We petition all kind of shits without action ever been taken and when someone petition something so meaningless they forced you to change a name that you have for ages go figure......... At least its nice that you got it back Ganja.

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