Aichmophobia is a mainly European social and raiding guild.

About us :-

• Full T3 Guild City in Purple Lotus Swamp
• Teamspeak, Guild bot and Guild website open for all our members
• Currently focusing on T4 and looking towards T5


• Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays - T3/T4
• Fridays - MC/Entity

All raids start at 20.00 cet


We are currently recruiting casual as well as seasoned raiders to boost our core raid team.

For our current T4/T5 team we are looking for the following classes.

DT, Conq, HoX, BS, PoM, ToS and Necro

To be accepted for our core raid team you will need a good understanding of your class and suitable gear/AA although we will gladly teach any tactics that you may not know.

If you are interested then Contact one of our officers below or apply on our homepage

•Guild Leaders: Judgedguard and Braccetina
•Recruitment Officer: Okzan
•Raid Leaders: Zoslilith, Eddina, Sessyset and Thaipring
•PVP Officer: Legobeast
•Guild Officers: Angstvreden, Heavytouch and Tryphosia

or apply on our homepage