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Thread: Its been a while

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    Default Its been a while

    As the former TOS advocate, I just returned to PVP for 1 game in being gone for over a year. Here is what I noticed...

    1. The pvp aspect has not changed
    2. Players still DO NOT get together and split up
    3. QQ in pvp chat still occurs
    4. Some old names from back in the day still around, and dominate for obvious reasons. (No competition)

    Now for the TOS relevant aspects.

    1. TOS is still OP
    2. Players helped the healer a little more than I remember, and it was nice to see
    3. Mana drains are still a bitch

    Anyone still play this class?

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    I had a blast with tos before I left the game. Getting the PVP T2 shield made a WORLD of difference for me. Made tos really solid.
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    Wouldnt say tos is op in every aspect. A sin with decent ping and skill still can end your life really fast and atm a barb is able to do that too. But tos is defenitly a very strong class especially when gettting a little support from melees. And it is underestimated a lot. Playing tos with some t4 pve parts but getting pvp t2 soon. Maybe i will change my mind with the op factor after having it.

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    The problem with the ToS is that many players do not understand how to play it well. A well played ToS with a competent melee frontline is hard to take down, and has enough utility to survive some mistakes. A poorly played ToS with a terrible frontline is just a target.

    Most people play the "target" variety of ToS, which leads players to under estimating the class as weak.
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    All classes are fine; the players (PuG minis) are what ruins PvP.

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    The main reason why people underestimate ToSes is that, due to its dependence on a melee frontline, the class suffers more than others in PUG minis. ToS performance depends on the quality of the team, but also on team composition. In a "ranged mini" with rangers, demos and necros on both sides, there is only so much a ToS can do (except switch to boring "gimp demo" LS spec). The only reason some ToSes get decent results in such minis is that many ranged players are downright awful.

    Sure, ToS can be a beast if played by a good player with proper support and some gear (let's not forget that ToS was "balanced" by increasing the stat budget on PvP gear). But that applies to pretty much any class.
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    I think that if you think the class suffers due to (insert reason here) its because you, yes you, do not quite understand it. The class excels no matter what, unless the entire other pug or premade focuses the tos. i think the tos suffers in premades more than pugs, because in pugs, you can get lost. In premades, the focus would be the tos. Even in the pug I played, we got pad camped, yet I still topped kills and had a positive k2d. Why? Movement, knowledge of skills, gear, what not. TOS is insane and still remains one of the best in groups IMO.

    To the person who mentioned the sin, depends on sins build and gear. If you see a pvp 10 sin, your best bet, get some help or run. Playing smart and knowing when to confront and when to run is half the battle.

    perhaps player knowledge and understanding is what is lacking these days. not sure, havent played but a single mini in 2 years?

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    As a ToS you need a friend that is willing to protect you, in short Premades are where ToS shines and can be deadly. In pug minis if you dont have someone to help you you are going to be doing alot of running and complaining.

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    Tos op? Lol average at best put all priest at pvp 7 and he stil get the last place of the tree. Dont get me wrong i love the class but only for die hard fans ... What tos got the best ccs in game and thats it .
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    lol u got all that from one mini game?

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