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    Welcome to the latest incarnation of Bulgar recruitment.
    If you wish to flame this thread you may only do so by posting you Alts in your signature so the Bulgars may hunt you down and carry your severed heads back to our Pliska.
    The Barbaric warriors are recruiting and under the leadership of our Kahn Dengizik we seek to expand our empire and are willing to offer training in the disciplines of PVP, dungeon mastery and raiding and a wonderful Pliska to live, in exchange for your commitment and sacrifice.
    We welcome the Battle tested (veterans), uninitiated (newcomers) and the feudal workers (f2p).
    I hope to see and aid you on your travels through Hyboria.


    Tabar Eggfliedlice (Bearhunting/BMH)

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    Azy! Hey there!

    The Barbaric Warriors are recruiting. We are a pvp and pve based tribe of Bulgar and Hunnish warriors (ca. 800AD) looking to expand. Our city, Pliska, is a full T3 city and we have a T3 battlekeep for helping your people thrive within our tribe (lots of buffs and you can get a lot of things done). We reward people on participation, helping one another in the tribe, and learning new skills. We enjoy talking to people in vent and killing with them. Hope to see you there!


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