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Thread: AFJ - Audentes Fortuna Juvat signing out

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    Default AFJ - Audentes Fortuna Juvat signing out

    It is with a heavy heart we have to announce that AFJ is dead as an active guild. Some of you might have known for a while. Most of the members that were left have joined Awakening of Evo. There are a few members in AFJ for some social activities and casual gaming, so don’t be surprised if you still see us around. We do not have any ambitions or plans of rising as an active raiding or PvP guild again.

    We have a good history. Been one of the biggest Scandinavian guilds on Crom for a long time. We’ve had quite a few successes over the years. Especially 3-4 years ago when we rapidly climbed the raid boss takedown lists and had sizable and good PvP action. The thing we have been most proud of is the community though. Many of our members joined us and stayed, primarily because of the friendly atmosphere and heavy use of VoIP. Many friendships have been created, and many have even been taken into real life thanks to our community. We want to thank all of our former guild members for contributing to that! It’s been a real privilege to be a part of this great social atmosphere.

    The last couple of years it’s been a slow downhill battle to keep raids, PvP and other activities going. Mainly because of lack of new blood in the guild and on the server I believe. We can blame our self a little for bad advertising, but the games lack of new players was probably the biggest problem we were facing. In addition to only accepting Scandinavian players, of course. The officers and members have done a great job in trying to keep the ship floating!
    We want to thank all players on Crom for participating with us in raids, sieges, dungeons, minigames and so on. We’ve all had a blast and there’s been lots of good moments. The waste majority of you have been a blast to play with!

    A special thanks goes to Circle of Eternity and Awakening of Evo. CoE have been a long standing partner in PvP. We’ve had lots of great siege battles with CoE by our side. We could really not have gotten where we once was PvP-wise, without you. Huge thanks goes to all of the officers and members who have supported us and being our friends over the years.
    Awakening of Evo have been one of the friendliest and most helpful guilds on Crom. We’ve had little partnerships, but we’ve always had a good and friendly tone. Help was never far away when we needed it. We were never turned down. You opened your doors to most of our reminding players. In that way, a little part of our community and spirit still lives on in AoE. Our second home now. We really appreciate that. Thank you!

    Last but not least. Our own members. There are too many names to mention. I run the huge risk of forgetting quite a few of you.
    You made this guild what it was. You stepped in, stepped up and helped us achieve. You have contributed a big way on forums, our web page, in online guild management, raid leading and so on. Our members have put countless of hours and a great deal of effort into this game and our guild. You helped us create this atmosphere and community. I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart. We would never have gotten this far without you! You made a guild leader proud.

    We will never forget!
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    I never was a member of AFJ since not able to speak mongols, but I remember time before Khitai when you had T2 raids where ppl
    outside the guild could join raid force as casuals. It was first good organized pug for me of not too many good ones, ty for good times

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    Sad news this, but as all things come to an end I guess this is AFJs time. It was a great guild to be a part of, and I am thankfull for my time there. There really was such a nice and friendly atmosphere in the guild.
    Good luck to everone -

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    Another major guild bites the dust. I remember AFJ guild from way back in 2008 on YMIR server and losing such a long standing reputable guild doesn't bode well for AoC.

    Really sad to see you go but good luck to you wherever you end up.

    Drinn(BS), Septra(ToS), Maelmordha(DT), Prinn(Demo), Krinn(Sin), Grinn(G) plus many others....

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    A sad day indeed!
    I have not been playing actively for quite some time now (see signature for proof), but this really gave me some flashbacks to all the good times we shared in AFJ.

    Thank you all fellow members and friends for a GREAT time in my life!

    - Noodle / Opti
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    It is a sad day indeed. But it was expected. A steady decline, followed by a mass exodus put the nail in the coffin a long time ago.
    Kudos to all the awesome players who at one time called AFJ home. I will miss you all. Maybe not Cadenzai

    Proud member of AFJ since the humble beginnings in autumn 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scandral View Post
    It is a sad day indeed. But it was expected. A steady decline, followed by a mass exodus put the nail in the coffin a long time ago.
    Kudos to all the awesome players who at one time called AFJ home. I will miss you all. Maybe not Cadenzai

    Proud member of AFJ since the humble beginnings in autumn 2008
    STFU and get ur ass back in the game man...

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    Default Knock, knock....

    As allready mentioned by others, flashbacks came flowing as iv heard of this news. I want to thank everyone in AFJ for truly epic moments in this game. I have caressed the thought of coming back for some time, but "unfortunately" work, education and real life hurdles stood in the way. You guys made the game for me. The laughter, the joy of playing with fun and cheerful people of AFJ was truly a blast. My raiding career started in Dawnsong but ventured to AFJ with stinky as our main carcass, wich we ofc teared into as a bunch of hungry lions. (Oh the green smell of victory) All the following raids and progression and drunken pvp takes me back to memory lane for sure. I will miss this, but never forget what kind of fantastic specie AFJ members was and still are. Wish the best of luck to those still rocking out this game, and allso for those who ventured on to other puzzles in life.

    Barbb checking out.

    Barbb, Serapha, Yatzi, Pallehysa, Bagpipe

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