The Palace of Cetriss.

An ominous location to say the least. We have a special treat for you, directly from our lead designer Matthew "CirithGorgor" Bennett!

The imposing Palace of Cetriss is a raid instance located in the treacherous lands of Dragon's Spine and will be free content available to Premium subscribers. Sure to challenge all who enter, the Palace of Cetriss will be accessible in two forms: a Tier 6 progression raid and a friendlier version aimed at more casual players.

The video below takes us on a sweeping tour of the Palace, showcasing our main story characters as well as some of the hideous beasts found within! You might notice that the fourth boss is missing: we're keeping it mysterious for narrative purposes. Our aim here with the Palace of Cetriss is to bring progression raiders an even greater challenge than T5 bosses while level 80 characters will experience an enhanced multiplayer experience rivaling world boss fights.

Once we've started pushing the Palace content to Testlive, we'll begin to provide more details on each of the boss encounters, including story, locations, and combat. Enjoy the preview!