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    Hi guys,

    a couple of enthusiastic Conan fans from the eastern part of Europe have ventured forth to make a well done fan film of a very small Conan adventure. It was a good idea to have a narrator to deliver the backstory while the images told the story I think. Most of the angles were well done and the cuts worked well for me too. Now if only the story was a bit longer and the actors were able to deliver well spoken/acted English dialogue, I could watch this in a longer format too


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    Thanks for sharing it here!
    Its better than 2011. Conan movie!
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    Thanks for posting. Nice fan film. Considering budget limitations it some pretty nice costumes and sets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redd View Post
    Thanks for sharing it here!
    Its better than 2011. Conan movie!
    More story, better action, better story, better dialogues, better atmosphere, less stupid cgi timesink action. Check, you're right.

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    That's a nice fanmade video! The 'spear pushing back the poor fellow' was my favourite moment (at 2:14).
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