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Thread: FC's CEO revealing the truth behind AoC!

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    Great video ! :-) - Age of Conan feat planner
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    Awesome Video, had a real good laugh with it , Mirrors so much of how things appear to be Good work

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    Hahahahah freakin' great video! 100% true, and the current reason I don't play AOC currently. I check back now and then to see if anything is new, or maybe hop on occasionally for a few of the same minigames, but sadly it's going nowhere.

    Props to video makers, freakin good job!

    *Dropped comment and like on video as well*

    *For those of you having trouble finding it, if you just google the name of this forum post, a snipit of the ORIGINAL post by Redd will appear with the link. That's how I go it.*

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