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Thread: FC's CEO revealing the truth behind AoC!

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    Default FC's CEO revealing the truth behind AoC!

    Edit by Anzu: As said earlier: it could have been fun, but it's not. And insulting people is not allowed on the forums, even by proxy.

    Also, cross-posting is not allowed.
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    you sir have beaten my "Hitler gets angry about PVP in Age of Conan" video

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    Default Fantastic

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    Hahahhaahah spot on, can't stop laughing! And cleaning lady finally gets her props!! <3
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    Hard to write a response when you cant see the keyboard through the tears. Been a while since I laughed this hard. So funny, and so accurate :-D

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    I havent had a good laugh in a while, thanks.

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    Thanks a lot!! Totally spot on and reminds me of Gary Jackson from Knights of the Dinner Table.

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    Ty so much for bringing a lot of laughs to me and my friends You know, the truth can't be far off
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    This video is getting posted all over social media.
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