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Thread: Vanaheim "With No One To Lead Them" bugged?

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    Question Vanaheim "With No One To Lead Them" bugged?

    I am not sure if this quest is bugged or I missed something.

    It reads:
    Inside Heimdall's fort I am sure to find his most trusted elite.
    It would be a shame if they were to suddenly die.

    Then it lists "Kill the first/second/third/fourth Jarl".

    But I did not see any Jarl inside the fort before killing Heimdall.

    I could not check after because when I accidentally clicked the door I found myself back in "Conarch by day"
    (Even Breach and Forgotten City check if you really want to leave the area!!! )
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    Had that quest bug out for me two times too. But also many other quests have non-spawning bosses, just have to be lucky i guess.
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    Same Problem here. No Jarls in the Fort.
    Probably they mean the Jarls in Conall Valley (Ymirish camp) ? Killed them a few times with different Chars, but get no archivment or anything else.
    Now I got the quest with my Assa (Quest will be given later in Vanaheim) and no Jarls.

    Hm...I think I should do the unfinished quest later in conall valley and see what happens.^^
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    Clearly bugged. The quest markers for the jarls are there on the Greathall map, just not the jarls themselves. Tried it 3 times now, also resetted the instance a few times to see if it helped, but still no jarls to kill. Fix pls!
    kthxbye /Kirin ;x

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    Delete the quest and pick it another day up, enter the fort and kill first the Jarls and then Heimdall. If you kill Heimdall all the other quest targets disappear, NPC's you have to talk or bosses you have to kill. Only trashmobs and items you have to pick up remain. Also quests you get the one day you can't finish another day.
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    Mmh i succesfully did that quest yesterday (twice) so its not allways bugged atleast

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    With a few more runs i found i have a 50/50 chance that they spawn when i get that quest, so it is still down to luck :\
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    Either they fixed it or I just got lucky, jarls finally spawned today (at my 4th attempt on this quest Oo).
    kthxbye /Kirin ;x

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